50 Cent Takes A Shot At Wendy Williams After Relapse, Calls Her ‘Crackhead’

Scott Gries, Santiago FelipeGetty Images, Getty Images

Rapper 50 Cent reignited his long-running feud with Wendy Williams Friday, as he ridiculed her publicized relapse and labeled her a “crackhead,” reports Hollywood Life.

Williams and the rapper have a vicious rivalry that goes back years, and with the talk show host’s recent revelations of her addiction and drug use, Fifty smelled blood in the water.

He struck out at her on Instagram, posting an uncomplimentary photo of Williams above his tirade.

“I knew something was up with this b**ch,” he wrote. “It as[sic] the drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to the rehab every day. Crackhead. Get the strap.”

Williams has yet to respond to the taunts, and reportedly will not, at least not until she is given a chance to address them on the show.

A source close to the star spoke to Hollywood Life, and said they weren’t surprised Willliams had not retaliated, considering how malicious the comments were.

“These are cheap shots at Wendy. It’s totally wrong to laugh and poke at people dealing with addiction,” the source said.

The bad blood between Williams and 50 Cent has its origins in a battle of the insults that began September 2017.

The rapper made a joke about having a “child support release party” following the 21st birthday of his estranged son, Marquise. Williams commented on her show that he needed to “get a life.” Fifty shot back by posting an unflattering picture of the celebrity in a black bikini on Instagram.

“Wendy Williams just told me to get my life together, smh. Your husband is not a bad man. he deserve[s] a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherf**ker. Focus on your own s**t b**ch,” he wrote.

Fifty’s putdowns have only persisted since then. In one instance, he shared photos of Williams and Ron Perlman’s Beast from 1980s television series Beauty and the Beast placing them side-by-side in a mocking insult.

“Yeah b**ch, you fucking around in the wrong section. Every time you call me, I’m a show up,” was his retort.

The rapper executed his most recent attack in January with another derisive side-by-side of Williams and E.T. in a wig.

“Wendy Williams reported seen in Brooklyn creeping, trying to find her a Boo Thang,” he commented.

Williams has mostly ignored the slams as she has been struggling with more weighty issues as of late. She shocked fans when she disclosed that she lived in a sober house on a March 19 episode of her talk show.

The TV host teared up as she admitted to having problems with cocaine in the past that she never received treatment for.

She referenced her “long week” on Friday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the final one before a week-long hiatus.