‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams Reveals ‘Fat-Shaming’ Texts From Nene Leakes, Feud Reaches Epic Levels

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta ladies seem to have drama built into their DNA. Fans can also expect a double dose of it in one day, as seems to be the case on March 29, 2019.

Following Hollywood Life’s report of Porsha Williams calling her co-star NeNe Leakes a “liar” over closet wars, E! Online is reporting a fresh feud. This one comes in the form of a text exchange, and it gets very ugly (very fast).

Williams gave birth to a girl on March 22. Instead of enjoying new motherhood though, this outspoken reality star seems to have landed herself a back-and-forth series of angry texts – but she’ll share them. Taking to Instagram in a series of now-deleted posts, evidence of Williams’ activity has nonetheless been collated by E! Online.

“This is what my so called [sic] ‘Big sis’ sent me last night 6 days after giving birth”

According to the media outlet, Leakes called Williams a “fat hungry b**ch,” alongside suggesting that Williams is “a liar.” A “fat-shaming” hashtag was also used as Williams suggested her co-star should feel “ashamed” of slamming a new mother.

Williams has not updated her Instagram account with any baby pictures since giving birth.

Text wars are a two-way street, though. As the above-mentioned E! Online report states, Porsha has been lashing back.

“I’m not reading all that bullsh*t! You know dayum well I aint recorded that in no studio to set you up! Kiss my a*s! How dare you make that claim I would not conspire no sh*t like that!!”

This came following earlier accusations from Williams that Leakes was rifling through her closet without “permission,” followed by a reminder that her home is “lit wit cameras.”

“Good night big piggy with the busted shape”

Leakes’ reply once again seems to take a swipe at Williams’ size, although whether or not the reference is to her post-baby body is unknown.

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Given the “closet wars” argument, it does seem interesting that Leakes recently updated her Instagram with a video taken, apparently, in a closet.

The final available text from Leakes continues to take a giant swipe at Williams (this time, there’s no doubting it’s pregnancy-related).

“Longggg pretty legs and Been fine! You worry bout them extra small baby ankles you rockin! Hopefully they hold up that giant body. Try dieting! You that’s something you have never been good at.”

Fans who have the head for this level of drama are well-catered to, courtesy of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.