March 29, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Cleavage In Front Of Nude Statue In Paris

Emily Ratajkowsi has become known for showing off her physical assets with titillating photos on her Instagram page, much to the delight of her millions of followers. The model/actress continued that trend on Friday with a photo of her wearing a white mini-dress with a plunging neckline and a very short skirt. In the photo, she has her arm wrapped around the statue of a nude man which only heightens the provocative nature of the shot.

In the caption, Ratajkowski reveals that the photo was a throwback to a previous visit to Paris that she had never shared on her Instagram page before. An article by The Independent reveals that the model wore the dress in the French capital city in 2017 during fashion week. She paired the look with gold asymmetrical earrings and sandals with unique chunky heels. According to their coverage, she wore the outfit to a party hosted by Vogue Magazine.

According to The Independent, the outfit was remarkably different from one that she wore earlier that day to the Valentino show where she wore an outfit that seemed inspired by menswear: a slouchy white shirt and baggy olive green pants. At the Christian Dior show, she wore a long pastel-colored gown with a thigh-high slit and bustier details.

Even though she has millions of followers who praise her beauty every time she uploads a photo to Instagram, Ratajkowski has previously said that she still has some insecurities about her body image.

"I have days when I literally cannot look in the mirror because I am sick of myself. I don't like how I look or I want to change certain things about myself," she said in an interview with Glamour Magazine last year. "We are stuck inside one body, we can't see ourselves and we have no perspective on it."

Despite her social media fame, she added that she tries to not let the attention influence how she feels about herself.

"The comments and the number of likes shouldn't be what defines your confidence, it should come from you enjoying yourself."
Ratajkowski got her big break when she was cast as the lead girl in the video for Robin Thicke's hit song "Blurred Lines" and she's been able to translate that moment into an enviable modeling career that's brought her magazine covers, advertising campaigns, and stints on luxury fashion runways.

But she has some acting chops too. Ratajkowski has had roles in movies like Welcome Home, Cruise, and The Darkness.

She is also in a movie that has been making the rounds at film festivals called Lying And Stealing alongside actor Theo James. According to The Wrap, the film will be released later this year.