Australian Bride Demands Guests Pony Up $200 Cash Because Their Gift Wasn’t Expensive Enough

Tim GreenWikimedia Commons

An Australian “bridezilla” reportedly demanded $200 (converted into U.S. Dollars) from guests whose wedding gift was too cheap for her tastes, The Evening Standard is reporting.

In the past, a social faux pas would have been met with pearl-clutching and neighborhood gossip. But with the advent of the internet, it’s possible to publicly shame someone, even across the continents, and there are even social media groups devoted to public shaming. And of course, no type of person invites more public shaming than the dreaded “Bridezilla” — that is, a bride whose sense of entitlement and superiority transcend all reason and sanity. So of course there are social media bride-shaming groups, and the following story comes from just such a group.

At this point it bears noting that just about everything reported on such groups comes from users who claim to have witnessed or been a part of it, but is impossible to verify. So it could very well be that what you’re going to read about below is a giant hoax or a well-crafted bit of roleplay. But if it’s true, it’s a doozy in the annals of Bridezilla stories.

The user claims that she and her husband went to a wedding, bringing with them $200 Australian (approximately $142 U.S.) cash and a designer candle worth $75 Australian (approximately $53 U.S.) as gifts.

The unnamed Bridezilla called the woman a few weeks after the wedding with a complaint. She (the bride) had looked up the cost of the candle and cash, and determined that the amount the couple spent was considerably less than what the bride and groom spent to host the couple at the wedding. Since the guests were in the red on the ledger, they owed the bride and groom another $219 Australian (approximately $155 U.S.).

“At first I thought she was being sarcastic and joking, but she was serious. She didn’t consider the candle a real gift because ‘it wasn’t the big one that she wanted.'”

The shocked guest pointed out that the bride and groom are clearly not lacking for money, as the wedding included great food and wine, and even a fireworks display as the couple sailed away on a yacht.

Though it’s an incredibly cringe-worthy story of a bride whose sense of entitlement exceeds her common sense, it’s still a long way from being the most outrageous Bridezilla story The Inquisitr has reported. That “honor” goes to an unidentified woman who expected her guests to contribute $1,500 to her destination wedding and honeymoon, because after all, she deserved it and her psychic told her she should do it. As reported at the time, when only a small number came up with the cash, she got mad, broke off all of her friendships as well as her engagements, and went off to South America for some “me time.”