Nicolas Cage Files To Annul Four-Day Marriage, Fought With Wife Hours After Marrying Her

Rich PolkGetty Images for IMDb

While celebrity marriages are often a good source for gossip and speculation, rocky relationships often come under fire more often than not. Years after the fact, model and socialite Kim Kardashian will occasionally catch flak for her short-lived marriage to former NBA player Kris Humphries. For the uninitiated, Kardashian and Humphries were wed in August of 2011, and Kim filed for divorce 72 days after the two tied the knot. Now, another Hollywood celebrity is looking to set a new record for shortest marriage.

As reported by The Guardian, actor Nicolas Cage has officially filed to annul his recent wedding. The star of National Treasure tied the knot on March 23, and four days later, he began seeking an annulment. This past Saturday, Nicolas and makeup artist Erika Koike applied for a marriage license, and they married each other hours later in Las Vegas. Not much is known about Erika Koike, other than the fact that she and Cage began dating back in April of 2018.

While this is Cage’s shortest marriage to date, the longtime actor is no stranger to marriage and relationships. Back in the late ’80s, Nicolas began dating actress Christina Fulton, and the two later had a son, Weston Coppola Cage, who was born on December 26, 1990. While Cage and Fulton never married, Nicolas went on to tie the knot with Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Arquette. The two were wed in April of 1995, and they later divorced in 2001. Cage’s next marriage to Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis Presley and former husband to late pop legend Michael Jackson) was short-lived — the two married on August 10, 2002, and filed for divorce on November 25, 2002. The divorce was finalized in 2004, meaning the two spent more time trying to separate from each other than they did living together.

Shortly after his divorce to Presley was finalized, Cage met his third wife, Alice Kim, who worked at several Los Angeles restaurants and nightclubs. The two were wed in July of 2004, and Kim gave birth to their son, Kal-El in 2005. Superman fans will know that Kal-El is the Man of Steel’s birth name. Cage and Kim separate in January of 2016, and their divorce was finalized months later.

As TMZ reported, Nicolas Cage’s annulment documents show that both Nicolas and Erika were intoxicated when they were married. Cage also detailed how Erika didn’t reveal “the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person.” It seems Koike also kept her criminal history secret from Cage.

Nicolas explained his reason for seeking an annulment, citing the “conflict in personalities and dispositions that are so deep as to render the two incompatible in marriage.” Both of them were seen fighting earlier this week as they left the Bellagio hotel.