Abortion Death: Woman Dies Of Medical Complications After Aborting In Week 33 Of Pregnancy

An abortion death that claimed the life of a woman in her 33rd week of pregnancy has ignited a debate over a controversial clinic in Maryland.

The 29-year-old woman died of natural causes after visiting the Montgomery County clinic. An initial finding by a medical examiner’s office found that the abortion death was aused when the woman’s amniotic fluid was pushed into her bloodstream, which sometimes happens before or after abortions, natural deliveries, or Caesarean sections, the Washington Post reported.

The medical examiner determined that the woman died of natural causes, including a fetal abnormality. A more detailed autopsy report is still due out within a month.

The abortion death has again brought national spotlight to the Germantown clinic where the woman went for the procedure. The clinic’s leader, LeRoy Carhart, has gained attention for publicly acknowledging that late-term abortions take place there.

From the Washington Post:

“Abortion rights activists say Carhart courageously performs procedures many other doctors have quit doing. Abortion opponents say his procedures are dangerous and immoral, and they have targeted his clinic. They often demonstrate outside the clinic, as they did last week after the woman’s death.”

Most abortion providers stop at week 22 or 24 because of moral and legal concerns. Only about 1.5 percent of procedures take place after 21 weeks. Carhart had reportedly moved the clinic from Nebraska after that state outlawed late-term abortions, though controversy followed to Maryland.

The woman who died was 33 weeks pregnant, the report found.

The Montgomer County police are awaiting medical findings of the abortion death, CBS DC reported. The investigation into the woman’s death remains open.