China ‘Loves’ Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Creepy’ Vitamin Ad, Female Fans Consider Themselves His ‘Wife’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Social media is falling apart thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s new advertisement for vitamin giant Centrum. Fans who’ve not yet seen the meal-prepping video can do so below via Hiddleston’s official Weibo account.

On March 29, BBC attempted to break down why China “loves” the Avengers actor’s new ad. The media outlet itself calls the footage “creepy,” following a social media storm. The West, it would seem, has struggled to digest Hiddleston’s promotion without “mockery.”

The setting seems simple enough. Hiddleston begins by stretching in bed before the camera shifts to a somewhat-cheesy “Hey, morning,” as the actor “pops back” to prepare breakfast for the viewer. Standing in a pristine kitchen wearing a white shirt and a charcoal-black apron, the star appears relaxed as he showcases a vegetable-adorned platter topped by a fried egg. The finishing touches come as a final pepper grind.

With his rainbow dish complete, Hiddleston sits down and continues to address the viewer in the English language he has used from the start– until the 30-second mark. Hiddleston then switches to Chinese, reminding viewers not to “forget” their Centrum.

“I’m not his fan. I’m his wife.”

The comments speak for themselves.

As the above-mentioned BBC report states, Hiddleston finds himself well established in China. His following on the country’s social media platform, Weibo, sits at over 600,000.

Somewhat cringe-worthy as the ad may be, it seems to be working. This may well be due to the engaging nature of Hiddleston’s positioning in the video. Despite being alone, the actor is clearly speaking to the viewer, if not preparing a meal for them.

“Look at the money I spent because of you, husband.”

This comment came from a female fan who accompanied her caption with a photo showing her 148 yuan ($22) expenditure on Centrum vitamins.

The media outlet continues to point out Hiddleston’s remarkably good Chinese, alongside quoting Professor Zhang Kuangjie of the Nanyang Technological University.

“Many female fans often consider their idol their imaginary boyfriend or husband.”

Hiddleston does, indeed, appear to be addressing the viewer as a significant other. Putting on his jacket toward the ad’s end, Hiddleston announces that he’ll be “busy” for the “next few weeks” before reassuring that he’ll “make it up to you.” A female set of hands are then seen buttoning up the actor’s shirt.

With a popularity that spans the globe, the man whose Loki character has become iconic is now a bonafide A-lister. His Twitter page includes the likes of Ed Sheeran. His ex-girlfriends include Taylor Swift. Clearly considering the actor marriage material, it seems that China’s women are particularly enthusiastic when it comes to worshipping this Brit.