Lena Headey Lashes Out At Trolls In Expletive-Filled Statement Over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Video

Jason Merritt / Lars NikiGetty Images

The characteristically outspoken Lena Headey was far from impressed when she was confronted by political trolls online this past week, reports Page Six.

The Game of Thrones star recently posted an Instagram video addressing the backlash she encountered after sharing a clip of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez verbally sparring with Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy, who dismissed the Green New Deal as part of an “elitist” agenda for rich liberals.

Headey applauded Ocasio-Cortez’s response with a succinctly written caption on the social media platform.

“Who should run the world … YOU. Brilliant, vocal, fearless, bold and Inspirational women. I f—ing love you and am side by side with every word.”

Soon after displaying the video, Headey posted a separate recording addressing her critics and attackers by presenting her personal views. She stated that she didn’t post her views on issues like climate change in order to be political, and only highlighted the subject because she truly cares about it.

“I care about the climate, I care about my children and their future, I care about my friends and their children and their future, I care about the crisis going on all over the world, the humanitarian crisis.”

She ended the talk with a frank message for any users or trolls seeking to distress her.

“I give a f**k and if that offends you, or you think actors have no place in the world to have an opinion… f**k off, and unfollow me … And I shall not weep.”

Headey regularly comments about political and social issues on social media. The actress also posted an approving video of New Zealand’s recent ban on semi-automatic weapons, a few pictures of her attending the People’s March for a second vote on Brexit, as well as various other images opposing the referendum, all within the same week of the Ocasio-Cortez video.

She will return to the role of Cersei Lannister in HBO’s upcoming final season of Game of Thrones.

According to The Daily Mail, a new episode of the series has not made it to air since 2017, which marks the longest wait for a new installment since the inception of the fantasy drama in 2011. The hit show is scheduled to air April 14, with a season consisting of six episodes that are rumored to be some of the longest in the franchise.

Radio Times reported that it appeared “likely” in future episodes to see Cersei enlist the services of mercenary army The Golden Company, a group referred to several times during Season 7.