Kate Gosselin Celebrates 44th Birthday With Two Cakes And Sweet Pics Taken By Her Kids

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Kate Gosselin has turned 44, but she looks younger than she did when she gave birth to her sextuplets nearly 15 years ago. The mom-of-eight celebrated her 44th birthday at her Pennsylvania home on Thursday, and while she didn’t post any photos of her kids, she did reveal that she had a fun day with them.

In a new post to Instagram, Kate Gosselin posed with two birthday cakes as she hammed it up for the camera in a series of shots to celebrate her birthday on March 28. The Kate Plus 8 star noted that “this” is what 44 looks like, and she said she decided to act silly because her kids insisted on taking pictures of her. Kate’s two birthday cakes — a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake — were loaded with candles and the sentiment, “Happy Birthday, Mom.”

Fans flocked to the comments section to remark on how great the busy mom looks. Others asked for Kate and her kids to return to TV. Indeed, the Gosselin family’s popular reality show has not aired on TLC since 2017.

While none of Kate Gosselin’s kids were pictured in the slideshow, eldest daughter Mady posted to her Instagram Story to wish a happy birthday to her “beautiful & fearless mom.”

You can see Kate Gosselin’s 44th birthday photos below.

Fans of Kate Plus 8 know that birthdays are a big deal for the Gosselin family. Over the years, Kate and her now ex-husband Jon have thrown lavish parties for their eight kids, including a carnival-themed bash and an all-girl “glamping” party that included mani/pedis for the younger Gosselin girls when they turned 13.

Four years ago, Kate Gosselin’s 40th birthday was also celebrated on an episode of her post-divorce reality show Kate Plus 8, when she took a trip to Mexico with her eight kids. In an interview with E! News, Gosselin also explained why she looked younger at 40 than she did when she was in her early 30s when Jon and Kate Plus 8 debuted in 2007.

“I think when the world met me I was three days post having sextuplets, so the only place you can get from that point is younger,” Gosselin said.

The mom-of-eight also described her transformation as “eye-trickery,” explaining that viewers saw her at her worst first and she just kind of reversed.

While Kate Plus 8 appears to be on hiatus for now, Gosselin and her 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara will soon appear on a new TLC reality show, Kate Plus Date.