Modern Warfare 2 gets patched, I write some stuff

First-person shooter, all-round glitch-fest, and Most Popular Thing Ever Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has just received a new patch on Xbox Live, conveniently fixing sneaky tricks like the “Akimbo glitch.” It also retunes the Model 1887 shotgun, further balancing gameplay.

The update is live on U.S. servers as I type, so get downloading people!

Sadly, as important as this news story is to many gamers, it’s also a bit dull and rather difficult to squeeze many more words out of, so here we go: isn’t the terrorists-in-an-airport level awful / what about all that glitchiness / aren’t they doing well to ban so many cheaters / oh, and here’s the best knife kill yet in the game.

That should do it.

[Via Kotaku]