Britain’s Oldest Man Says The Secret To His Long Life Is Simple – Avoid Dying!

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Forget drinking in moderation, watching what you eat, or visiting the gym regularly. Britain’s oldest man said the trick to a long and healthy life is really quite simple, and that’s to just make sure you avoid dying.

As life advice goes, it’s pretty sound, but then again, anyone who’s been on the planet for 111 years and managed to successfully avoid the Grim Reaper’s beady eye obviously knows a thing or two about a thing or two. And if there’s one thing former teacher and engineer Bob Weighton knows about, it’s longevity.

The Daily Mail reports than Weighton turned 111 today and is adamant that refusing to die is just the tonic for anyone else who wants to reach such a milestone.

“I have had the usual scares, flu, influenza, malaria, two or three operations,” explained the plucky centenarian, who has two sons, a daughter, 10 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren. “I ought to be dead but I am a survivor, if you like.”

Despite living such a long life, Weighton hates it when people congratulate him for it and has even asked Queen Elizabeth to refrain from sending him any more birthday cards in the future to spare the hard-pressed British taxpayer any further expense.

Weighton was born in Hull on March 29, 1908, and still gets a thrill out of meeting new and interesting people.

“I quite like meeting people I have never seen before, that’s one of my delights. I like meeting people who have been places and have some understanding of what it means to be human,” revealed the 111-year-old, who stressed that promoting human interaction has always been the motive of his life.

Weighton also revealed that although the world has changed considerably since he was a lad — in terms of the speed in which we now travel and communicate — he still believes people are still pretty much the same as they were all those moons ago.

“Visually and in physical terms, it’s changed enormously, in what human beings are – not at all. The basic concerns of human beings of meeting and interacting with other human beings is exactly the same – ‘can this person be trusted?”

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However, despite maintaing a keen interest in life and keeping abreast of the myriad changes in the world, there’s still one line he won’t allow himself to cross, and that’s to get a mobile phone.

The old-timer has no interest in owning such devices, as he explained that there are far too many other things in the world to keep him busy.