4-Year-Old Rescues Sister From Crash That Kills Their Mother [Video]

A 4-year-old rescued her sister from a crash that killed their mother. The little girl pulled her 2-year-old sister from the wreckage after their mother reportedly fell asleep.

Jessica Rath from Astoria, Washington was on her way to Portland, Oregon with her two daughters. Her husband was returning from a fishing trip, and she originally planned to pick him up on the Washington coast. Plans changed, and his boat was rerouted to Portland, Oregon.

Jessica’s husband encouraged her to head back home as it was around midnight. Against her husband’s advise, she continued toward Portland. Authorities presume she fell asleep behind the wheel before crashing into the woods. As reported by The Seattle Times, Roth died from the impact.

Her two daughters, ages 4 and 2, were injured, but managed to get out of the car. Oregon State Patrol troopers credit the 4-year old with saving her little sister’s life. If she had not rescued her from the wreckage and kept her warm, she may have succumb to hypothermia. As reported by NBC News, the little girls spent nearly six hours in the cold rain before they were spotted by a passing car.

Kraai McClure was driving down the highway around 8 am when he noticed broken trees along the edge of the road. He stopped to see what happened and discovered the wreckage. McClure was shocked when he found the little girls huddled under a blanket:

“I just can’t imagine what the little girls were going through. It could have been a really different ending, but it is, you know, a halfway happy ending.”

Both girls were taken to an area hospital. The 2 year old is being treated for “serious injuries,” but is expected to recover. The brave 4-year-old who had the courage to save her sister, even after their mother was killed, sustained only minor injuries.

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