‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Kerry Makes Jack A Shocking Proposal

Robert VoetsCBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Kerry has double-crossed Jack, Phyllis, and Jabot. While Phyllis considered Kerry one of her few friends, for Jack, the betrayal cuts deeper because they have a romantic relationship.

The Inquisitr reported that Kerry actress Alice Hunter is on her way out, and the actress revealed that her character’s exit storyline is pretty shocking. It seems that the entire time she’s been at Jabot, Kerry has been a double agent for Ashley (Eileen Davidson). Once again Jabot finds itself with serious product problems.

Peter Bergman, who plays Jack, spoke about the massive twist with Soap Opera Digest.

“It’s pretty startling. The Kerry tie to the whole thing is a real shocker, as well. Jack is to easily duped, and these are two women, both whole he thought loved him, who have really stuck it to him,” he said.

Not only is Jack horrified at how Kerry betrayed Jabot, but also, he feels concerned that Kerry actually seduced him as part of Ashley’s grand plan for even more revenge. However, Kerry insists that she genuinely has feelings for Jack, and it’s not surprising that Jack questions how she could do that while also stabbing him in the back the way she did the entire time she was in Genoa City.

Kerry somehow thinks that she and Jack can still make things work. She asks him to run away with her to Paris and begin a whole new life, but Jack isn’t interested in Kerry’s strange proposal.

“She’s talking about matters of the heard and Jack is thinking, ‘What about the company?!’ The future of Jabot is really unclear now, but how nice of her to say, ‘Hey, we can run off and start a new life.’ But Jack is, ‘No, wait. You guys just screwed Jabot, so I’ve got to fix that,'” according to Bergman.

It sounds like things are completely over with Kerry and Jack, and no doubt she’ll be headed out of Genoa City very soon since she’s accomplished the goal. Even before all this happened, Kerry and Jack already knew that their relationship was likely short term because she wants to have children sometime later in life, while Jack is done with that part of his life. Given her major betrayal and the fact that they want such different things in their futures, there’s no reason to prolong the situation. Plus, Jack isn’t about to let the family business go down like this.