More Than Half Of Americans ‘Definitely’ Will Not Vote For Donald Trump In 2020, New Quinnipiac Poll Shows

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As he continued to celebrate avoiding indictment for either conspiracy with Russia or obstruction of justice as a result of the Robert Mueller report, as Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump received some bad news on the polling from Thursday. A new poll from Quinnipiac University showed that Trump could face some serious trouble winning over voters to his 2020 presidential reelection bid.

In fact, according to the Quinnipiac poll, more than half of all American voters — 53 percent — say that they have made up their minds, and they will “definitely not” vote for Trump. At the same time, Trump has the “definite” vote of only 30 percent of voters, while another 13 percent say they would “consider” voting for him.

Women are especially determined not to vote for Trump, with 60 percent of all American women saying that they will “definitely” not vote for Trump in the 2020 election, according to the Quinnipiac poll.

Previous polls have shown that Trump’s voter base — that is, the group in which he enjoys the strongest, most dedicated support — consists of white voters who lack college degrees, as The Inquisitr has reported. And in the Quinnipiac poll, that trend continues, though his support among the “white non-college” base appears to have eroded.

Joe Biden points
Former Vice President Joe Biden leads teh democratic field, even though he hasn't declared his candidacy.Featured image credit: Win McNameeGetty Images

In the 2016 presidential election, 71 percent of white men who did not graduate college, and 61 percent of white non-college women voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton, according to Washington Post data. But according to the new Quinnipiac poll, only 43 percent of non-college white voters now say that they will “definitely” vote for Trump in 2020, while 39 percent of that group will “definitely not” vote for him.

“The loyal base stays the course, but 53 percent of all American voters say they’ve had enough and will not vote for Trump,” said Tim Malloy, the Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director.

But if more than half of all Americans will not vote for Trump, who will they be voting for? According to the Quinnipiac poll, former Vice President Joseph Biden leads the pack in the race for the Democratic nomination, even though he is not a candidate. At least not yet. But he garners 29 percent support among Democrats, with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in second place a full 10 points back, at 19 percent.

Former Texas congressional representative Beto O’Rourke currently runs third, per Quinnipiac, with 12 percent support.

The Quinnipiac results are roughly consistent with the average of all Democratic primary polls compiled by Real Clear Politics. In the average, Biden leads with 29.8 percent, followed by Sanders at 22.6 percent, and O’Rourke at 10 percent. California Senator Kamala Harris currently polls fourth in the RCP average, less than a point behind O’Rourke at 9.6 percent support.