Rihanna Releases Intimate Photos From Birthday Bash


Rihanna, the singer that says it’s none of our business when it comes to her on-and-off-again relationship with Chris Brown, has released intimate photos from her birthday bash.

Rihanna, who turned 25 on Wednesday decided to share pictures from the bash through Twitter. Most of those pictures feature on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Brown. The pair were last publicly seen together at the Grammy’s choosing to be all sorts of PDA during the award ceremony. After that the two were reportedly not talking to each on Valentine’s Day.

However, looking at photos of Rihanna with her main squeeze Brown, it suggests that they’re back on, as Brown grips Rihanna’s waist in one particular polaroid.

In the tweet that revealed the intimate photos, Rihanna writes: “#phuckyoballoons ha! My birthday owned hoes.” In addition to Chris Brown, also in the photos is her best friend Melissa Forde, her younger brother Rorrey, and other close friends, who celebrated the singer’s birthday in a private bash.

The private bash is suspected to have taken place in Hawaii. Early in the day Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen holding hands while strolling in Oahu. In those set of photos, which were shot by the paparazzi, Rihanna is seen in a fish net skirt and a bathing suit, while Brown was in basketball shorts and a jersey. Earlier in the day she wrote on Instagram: “Pour it up pour it up!#birthdaybehavior” before she kicked off her birthday bash.

With Rihanna sharing her private life with her fans, do you think it’s still not our business to at least speculate?

Check out the rest of the photos at our gallery: