March 28, 2019
WWE Rumors: Longtime Veteran, Former Champion Reportedly Done With WWE -- He Has Something Different To Say

All Elite Wrestling has truly made some big waves in the professional wrestling world, and they are going to make many more. A number of former WWE superstars are a part of the company and a longtime veteran is expected to join AEW soon. Goldust has been a staple in WWE for many years but it appears as if his contract has recently expired and in about 90 days, he can show up wherever he wants.

While he could wrestle for any promotion in the world once his contractual obligations to WWE are up, it seems obvious that he will head to All Elite Wrestling. With Cody Rhodes being at the top of it all, Goldust would surely want to join his brother in the new promotion.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Goldust's contract with WWE recently expired and he's now waiting for the 90-day no-compete clause to expire. Once that portion of his agreement is over, he will officially become a free agent and be able to sign anywhere he wishes.

In a move that is usually done whenever any talent ends up being done with the company, Goldust has removed all mentions of WWE from his social media accounts. That's pretty much a sure sign that his time with WWE has officially come to an end and he won't be re-signing with them.

Goldust, real name Dustin Rhodes/Runnels, started with WWE back in 1990 and has had a number of runs with the company. His current run started back in 2013, but he has missed a great deal of time in the ring due to injuries and surgeries needed for healing.

Goldust is a nine-time WWF Hardcore Champion, three-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and has won tag titles on three different occasions. While that seems like it would be fitting for a great career with the company, it appears as if he isn't quite done as of yet.

Hours after the initial report came out from Pro Wrestling Sheet, Goldust had something to say regarding his status with WWE. Dustin Rhodes took to his official Twitter account to let everyone know he's still under contract.

"I am still under contract with the @wwe, and everything that is being said online is just talk, and complete bullsh*t. This is exactly why I hate smart marks!"
While it would be understandable for Goldust to want to join his brother Cody Rhodes in All Elite Wrestling, it doesn't seem as if it will be happening soon. Despite rumors that his contract has expired and he will be a free agent soon, Goldust says he's still with WWE and it doesn't matter what others are saying.