Naked Man Apprehended On Tarmac At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

Tim BoyleGetty Images

Several travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport caught photos and video of a naked man walking around on the tarmac this week. The man seemed to be strolling around near the Delta Air Lines terminal in nothing but shoes and socks.

MSN said that while multiple witnesses insist the man walked off a Delta flight, there was no confirmation of this. Ultimately, he was detained at gate C10. The man, who had distinctive tattoos, was said to be walking around “confidently,” and was just steps away from boarding the airplane when he was stopped by two officers.

Express reported that after police handcuffed the man, they draped a neon vest across his midsection in an effort to “preserve some of the man’s dignity.” It’s unclear how the man got through security without any clothing, but people who posted images of the man say that he “waited out” delays in that state, according to witnesses.

“Earlier today, a naked male passenger was detained at Gate C10 at Chicago – O’Hare’s Terminal 1 walking around on the ramp.”

MSN added that people shedding their clothing in airports and on planes is not new, as there are cases every year of people detained or arrested for streaking or stripping in airports and on flights.

Fox News says that last week, a man tried to board a flight in a Moscow airport naked, insisting that it made him more “aerodynamic” while flying. The man stripped off his clothes before attempting to board a Ural Airlines flight to Crimea. The man, who is believed to be a native of Moscow, made his way through security at Domodedovo Airport fully clothed before getting fully naked prior to getting to his gate, according to a witness.

“He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed.”

Airport employees intervened before the man could board his flight, but video of the man in line was shared on Russia’s RT Network, courtesy of YouTube.

The man was taken into custody and detained in a medical room at the airport until he could be transported to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. A witness told the network that they did not believe the man was inebriated at the time he had disrobed in the airport terminal.

The RT Network provided an additional video of the man sitting on the ground in the airport, naked and handcuffed while awaiting transport.