March 28, 2019
Ten Sexy Photos That Prove Nikki Bella Has The Best Abs In The Business

She may have retired from the WWE but it's no secret that Nikki Bella still possesses some of the best abs in the business.

As fans know, Bella shocked the wresting world by announcing her departure from the ring. The Inquisitr shared that the black-haired beauty shared the news with fans on the season finale of her hit show Total Bellas. In the episode, Nikki told her twin sister, Brie Bella, that she was going to be following in her footsteps and retiring — something Brie did earlier this year. After returning from a recent tour in Europe, the 35-year-old said that she realized that the job was just too much for her, especially as she is getting older.

"The (European) tour was good but I feel like I'm too old for the travel, the travel was really rough," she said.

Even though Nikki has decided to retire from the sport that made her famous, that doesn't make her body any less enviable. Check out 10 sexy photos that prove that Nikki Bella has some of the best abs in Hollywood.

1. Fearless

Nikki is fearless when it comes to a lot of things. Whether in the ring or out in public, she's not afraid to speak her mind — and show off her highly enviable abs in the process.

2. The Champion

Just a little snapshot of Nikki doing what she does best. While fans will certainly miss her on the WWE stage, she definitely won't have any trouble being successful in whatever she plans on doing next. May we suggest a bikini model?

3. Twinning

This photo proves that twins are double the fun. While Nikki has some of the best abs in Hollywood, her twin sister Brie is right up there with her. Can you say "good genetics?"

4. Heating Up in Madrid

This angle captures Bella's toned abs perfectly. Once again, she pairs a tiny crop top with a pair of skimpy leather bikini bottoms, fishnet tights, and a pair of knee high socks. If only we could all look this good going to work...

5. Casual, Yet Sexy

Even when she takes time out of the ring, Nikki is sure to show off the abs that she worked so hard to get — and can you really even blame her?

6. Workout Queens

In this behind-the-scenes photo, Bella shares a snapshot of her and her twin sister doing what they do best — working out. Between her former intense WWE schedule and hitting the gym multiple times a week, Nikki proves that hard work certainly pays off.

7. Intimates

In this photo, Bella is promoting some sexy pieces from her clothing line which features everything from T-shirts to sexy intimates. The best part? She doesn't even really need to hire a model since she has herself.

8. Pretty In Pink

In a rare day off, Bella unwinds in a tropical paradise and plays the part of a tourist like the best of them. With her straw hat on and a skimpy pink bikini to go along with it, Nikki most definitely is in her "happy place."

9. Six Pack Abs

Another day, another gym session. It's safe to say that Nikki is one of the only people who can make working out look so sexy. Not only do the leggings fit her perfectly, but her six pack steals the stage!

10. Tiny Crop Top

Nikki poses with her niece in this sweet snapshot. While Bella appears to be fully in business mode based on the way that she's dressed, she proves that she can make just about any little thing look sexy.