Hampton Inn Employee Sues Company & His Boss For Trying To Force Him To Undergo An Exorcism

Scott OlsonGetty Images

A Kentucky man says he was forced out of his job at Hampton Inn because he refused to undergo an exorcism or answer invasive questions about religion from his boss.

As Lexington’s WKYT-TV reports, Jason Fields had been a front-desk employee at the Hampton Inn in Hazard, in Eastern Kentucky. However, Fields claims in a lawsuit that things went south when his manager, identified as Sharon Lindon, learned that Fields was going through a divorce.

Lindon reportedly told Fields that his marital problems were the result of demons in his life. And in order to solve the problem, he needed to undergo an exorcism.

To some Christians, personal problems such as marital issues, financial problems, or other issues are the result of demons inhabiting your life, according to Christian Broadcasting Network.

“Evil forces, or powers, influence and control the minds of individuals, bring sickness and cause undesirable behavior, inability to function normally, and even suicide.”

Fields refused to be involved, but Lindon wasn’t about to let things go, he says. She began repeatedly asking when he was going to submit to the exorcism. She even brought in members of her church to pray for him, there at the hotel and in front of guests, according to his complaint.

Lindon also reportedly began asking Fields invasive questions about religion, giving him a written questionnaire and telling him he needed to return it to her before the exorcism. Some of those questions are provided below as examples.

Briefly explain your conversion experience.

In one word, who is Jesus Christ to you?

Have you ever made a pact with The Devil?

Have you ever been involved in any Eastern religions?

The questionnaire also asked Lindon if he was, or ever had been, a member of a cult, which as Lindon described them included Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Christian Scientists, among others.

When Fields refused to take part in the exorcism or the questionnaire, he says his boss retaliated against him by assigning him to undesirable shifts, denying him a raise, changing his job duties, and “repeatedly threatening” him with losing his job.

“Lindon made it clear to (Fields) that absent his adherence to her religious beliefs, specifically completing the packet of questions and consenting to a cleansing, he would not be allowed to work at the Hampton Inn.”

Fields eventually quit because of “continuing harassment and discrimination,” according to his lawsuit.

He is seeking unspecified monetary damages, according to Louisville’s WDRB-TV.

As of this writing, Hampton Inn has not responded to the lawsuit.