Campaign Launched To Make Ozzy Osbourne A Knight Of The Realm

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

He may have once been affectionately regarded as heavy metal’s bat-eating Prince of Darkness, but nowadays Ozzy Osbourne is apparently respectable enough to be seriously considered for knighthood — at least according to an online campaign that has been recently launched on and which is gaining considerable momentum.

Classic Rock reports that die-hard Ozzy fan Helen Maidiotis believes her idol should take his place among the ranks of other musical knights such as Sir Elton John, Sir Mick Jagger, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Maidiotis believes that it’s high time the Black Sabbath singer was honored accordingly for his contributions to the world of music throughout the last few decades.

Maidiotis has addressed her petition to the U.K.’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport, and is looking to drum up support from thousands of Ozzy fans.

She stresses that the man from Birmingham has worked tirelessly since 1968 to entertain the masses. She highlights his “endless stamina, and drive, and commitment in the music business” as just a few of the reasons as to why he is cut from the same cloth knights are made of.

Maidiotis explains, “He has won countless awards and accolades. He was the first to receive a star on the Birmingham Walk Of Stars [and] he was also honored with a star along [the] Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

“He had been asked by Buckingham Palace to play for them on two occasions: the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the Royal Variety Performance. His name is synonymous in the entertainment industry from the very young to the older generation.”

Ozzy Osbourne announces "No More Tours 2" final world tour at a press conference at his Los Angeles home on February 6, 2018.

Obviously, Ozzy is not the half-crazed, hell-raising rocker he once was, and has a half-decent shot at becoming Sir Ozzy Osbourne. However, years ago and beneath a different moon, the Wizard of Oz was about as far removed from knight of the realm material as you could possibly get.

The Mirror reported that it’s good that camera phones weren’t around in the 1980s because, if there was documentary footage of Ozzy’s most maddest, baddest, and dangerous to know moments, he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever hearing some royal intoning the words, “Arise Sir Ozzy of Brummie Land.”

This is the maverick metalhead who used to run rampant wearing his wife’s clothes, biting heads off of small furry animals, snorting lines of ants up his hooter, and urinating on memorials beloved by entire states.

Would it be really wise to give him a big sword and a suit of armor?