Indiana McDonald’s Employee Assaults Co-Worker With Cheeseburger


Bloomington, Indiana, police responded to the McDonald’s at 2910 West 3rd Street after receiving a phone call about an incident between co-workers on Tuesday night. According to local news outlet 1340 AM WBIW, the cheeseburger-related incident between co-workers reportedly happened just after 11 p.m.

Witnesses on the scene at the time confirmed that a 21-year-old male employee became so enraged by the slow speed of his 18-year-old female co-worker that he finished making a cheeseburger and then hurled it at her face.

Fox 59 confirmed that while the younger female employee was not injured by the cheeseburger, she did tell police that she wanted to press charges against her male co-worker for assaulting her.

According to police, the male threw the cheeseburger at his co-worker after becoming displeased with the speed at which she was performing her job.

Bloomington police officers who responded to the scene did speak to the manager and other co-workers, who confirmed the young female employee did work frustratingly slow, causing some to feel as though she did not properly pull her weight as a member of the team.

After assaulting his co-worker with a cheeseburger, the McDonald’s employee did clock out and go home. The employee, who has not been named by media outlets, later acknowledged that his anger did get out of control and throwing a cheeseburger at his co-worker was not the right way to handle the situation.

Police Department Lt. John Kovach confirmed that a court summons has been issued for the employee to appear in court. He is being charged with a misdemeanor for battery.

An employee working in the kitchen at a McDonald's restaurant.
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According to Fox 8 Cleveland, this isn’t the only McDonald’s-related assault incident to make headlines as of late.

A customer named Joseph Deluca was indicted earlier this month for assaulting an employee by hurling two hot cups of coffee through an open drive-through window.

The incident, which was caught on camera, occurred on February 19 at the 3211 Clark Avenue McDonald’s in Cleveland, Ohio. The employee was rushed to the hospital afterwards and treated for first degree burns.

Fox 8 Cleveland goes on to report that the 54-year-old customer is due in court next month where he could face up to eight years behind bars per charge if he is convicted.

“What is troubling with a case like this is you have someone who is going to work just to do her job,” the Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Erin Stone said to Fox 8 before continuing to explain the employee had asked to see the customer’s receipt prior to the incident.