Mount Etna Erupts In Italy [Video]

mount etna erupts

Mount Etna erupted in Italy and sent gas and lava shooting into the air. The eruption was the first of 2013 for the volcano. The colorful and powerful display has gone viral on YouTube.

The volcano is located in Sicily. Mount Etna is regarded as one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Science World Report notes. The volcano in Italy has been spewing lava for the past half million years. The first known Mount Etna eruption was in 1500 BC. Periods of dormancy for the volcano in Sicily are extremely rare.

In 2011, a Mount Etna eruption was spotted from space. Lava shooting from the very active volcano has reportedly been known to shoot 4,500 feet into the air. The Italian volcano stands approximately 11,000 feet high. The eruption was strong yet brief, WAVY-TV notes.

Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology videographer Klaus Dorschfeldt has this to say about Mount Etna:

“Following it constantly, learn to be a keen observer and a minor change can lead to something important.”

Even though Mount Etna is so active, approximately a quarter of the population in Sicily live nearby. Airports were not closed when signs that an eruption were imminent, the Daily Mail reports. Folks living on the on the island city of Catania were not alerted about Mount Etna either.

To be prepared for the volcano’s frequent lava spewing, Italian officials ordered ditches to be dug around the base of Mount Etna. The ditched reportedly divert and flowing lava and help prevent communities in close proximity from harm.

Would you feel safe living near the very active Mount Etna?

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