‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Opens Up About Finding Faith Before Becoming Famous

Alex WongGetty Images

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has shared how finding his faith helped to lead him on a path of salvation, which eventually brought him success and to where he is today in his life and career.

As Page Six shared, Robertson revealed that he had struggled in his late 20s with drugs and alcohol. Formerly an athlete, Roberts fell in with a group of people he now considers to be the “wrong crowd,” which brought him on a journey of poor decisions. He said all the “mischief and carrying on” eventually got tiring, and he looked up to the sky one day and felt as though he was being called to discover his faith.

He eventually stopped hanging around those he found as bad influences and got himself an unlisted phone number to give himself some privacy.

“I’m learning how to be good. My friends would come by, my old buddies, and they would say, ‘Let’s go for a ride. Drive up the road.’ I said, ‘Nah.’ My faith was being tested. … I just broke away from them,” Robertson shared.

The reality star also added that the more time goes on, the further he finds himself enveloped in his faith.

Robertson shared that his devotion to his faith, as well as his status as a celebrity, encourages folks to invite him to speak at several churches and faith-based events. He and his wife, Kay, go to churches, rehabilitation centers, prisons, and homeless shelters to assist the “downtrodden” and to lift them up in prayer. This has been healing to Robertson as well, as he finds peace through helping others less fortunate than him.

“God speaks through his people. I’m just one of the millions that God’s using to speak. We’re saying, Love God, love your neighbor, love each other, don’t lie to each other, don’t steal from one another, don’t murder each other. … Be good. We’re trying to help our fellow man,” he added.

Robertson and his family rose to fame in 2012 when they stepped into the spotlight for Duck Dynasty. Viewers loved the family’s laid-back vibes and how they have stayed authentic to themselves even after finding fame and fortune. Robertson famously created a duck hunting device that mimics the call of a duck and received a patent in 1973 for the popular mechanism. It has become one of the most well-known devices of its kind in the duck hunting community.

Roberts said that it’s his faith, above anything, that has brought him continued success. He shared that he has never even turned on a computer in his life, and he revealed he’s never owned a cell phone, either. He said that his success has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with how blessed he truly is.