Stress Ball Warehouse Worker Flies Into Rage, Attacks Co-Workers

stress ball worker rage

A stress ball warehouse employee clearly did not get a decent discount on the products with which he worked, as the man reportedly flew into a rage and attacked his co-workers. (If only there were a small trinket one could squeeze in situations of high stress in the workplace until the urge to punch someone in the face repeatedly passes.)

Darren Baldwin was fired from his stress ball warehouse job just prior to the incident in Blackpool, England, and the local Blackpool Gazette reports that the termination did not sit well.

When the stress ball warehouse worker was fired, the paper reports, he allegedly became enraged:

“Darren Baldwin turned on the warehouse manager who dismissed him, then clashed with a fellow worker who went to the manager’s aid … At one stage he pulled out two knives … [the stress ball warehouse was] having to let Baldwin go from the temporary job, his manager who passed on the bad news was punched in the face.”

Prosecutor Tracy Yates says the stress ball warehouse worker indeed drew knives — necessary work tools in the facility — and threatened terrified former fellow employees. The paper quotes the prosecutor as to what happened next at the SPS warehouse:

“She said: ‘Baldwin then produced two knives and the victim was in fear of his life … Baldwin showed the knives to his colleague and started to shout threats like ‘I will cut you up’. “

Work Stress

Baldwin was later arrested in the alleged stress ball warehouse assault, and while he initially pled not guilty to the offense, changed his plea in court.