‘General Hospital’s’ 56th Anniversary Brings Denise Alexander Back For Special Episode

Michael YadaABC Press

General Hospital is gearing up to celebrate their 56th anniversary next week. The ABC soap made its debut on April 1, 1963, making it the longest running American soap opera that is currently in production. It’s also the longest-running scripted television drama that is currently in production, and it’s still going strong. One person who will be joining the celebration is Denise Alexander, who played the role of Lesley Webber for many years.

The special episode will air on April 2 and is expected to be a walk down memory lane. Entertainment Weekly has the details and also a sneak peek into what brings Lesley back to Port Charles. It was announced a few weeks ago that Gail Baldwin had passed away, leaving many of PC’s residents mourning her loss. Actress Susan Brown (Gail) had died last August as well. This will be a time of remembrance of this iconic character and the actress who portrayed her.

It’s all about a gathering of friends as Gail’s will is finally ready by Alexis Davis. She had picked April Fool’s Day as the time that she wanted the people that she cared for the most to come together to celebrate her life. This was written so that it all ties into General Hospital’s anniversary episode, which also includes special memories of Gail Baldwin.

There is expected to be plenty of flashbacks, including that famous slap that Lesley gave Monica. Gail will be giving the gift of memories between friends, and friends who were once enemies.

Soap Central indicates that Monica will be welcoming a special guest into her home. Fans had been wondering who that could be, and now it looks like it will be Lesley Webber. Gail had a list of people whom she wanted gathered together for the reading of her will. That also includes Scott Baldwin. He was pretty broken up about her passing.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Scotty will be getting a heartfelt message from Gail. It is expected to be an emotional, yet memorable episode. It sounds like Lucy Coe will also be on hand to give Scott some support through this difficult time for him.

The special sneak peek has Lesley sitting down with her daughter, Laura Collins, in the chapel at GH. Laura remembers when she was a candy striper at the same time that her mom was a successful doctor. Lesley expresses how proud she is that her daughter is the new mayor of Port Charles. Laura will be glad to have her mom back not only to conjure up some past memories but also for some moral support since her marriage to Kevin Collins is crumbling fast.

For longtime viewers, reliving the past will be fun to watch. For newer fans of this daytime drama, it will be a time to see the rich history that made General Hospital so loved for so many years.