Heavily-Armed Arizona Police Storm Into Family Home To Remove Unvaccinated Baby With High Fever

Maria Goncalves

New camera footage shows the shocking moment a group of heavily-armed police officers forced their way into a family home in Arizona in order to remove an unvaccinated toddler who had a fever.

The intense video shows officers from the Chandler Police Department kicking down the front door and cautiously entering the house with their guns drawn and holding what looked like a police shield. The policemen forced themselves into the home to remove a 2-year-old boy after a doctor reported his parents to the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) for not bringing the child to emergency services when his fever broke.

The doctor who reported the family feared that the unvaccinated toddler, who had a 105-degree fever, had contracted meningitis, but he turned out to be suffering from an upper respiratory infection. As reported by ABC 15, the naturopathic doctor reached out for help from the DCS, telling them that the boy had not been vaccinated after his parents brought him in for a check-up back in February when he had a fever of more than 100 degrees.

The doctor became concerned when he learned that the parents had not taken the 2-year-old to the emergency room following the check-up, even after he advised them to. That's when he got in touch with the DCS, who in turn called Chandler police to go check on the child. When the boy's father refused to let police officers inside their home, they returned later in the day with a search warrant, breaking into the house when the family did not cooperate.

"That is not the country that I recognize. At that point who now owns control over the child?" she asked.

"And it seems like we've given that now to the doctor and the parent no longer has the say or they risk the SWAT team taking all of your children and potentially the newborn."

The anti-vaccine movement has been growing all around the world the past few years, with many parents refusing to vaccinate their kids as they fear they will develop autism — a myth that has been debunked many times over the years, as per CNN.