Here’s What People Are Doing With Their Robert Mueller Merchandise After Investigation

Andrew BurtonGetty Images

For nearly two years, special counsel Robert Mueller kept the world on its toes as we waited to hear whether there was evidence that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign had colluded with Russia to ensure the win. In that time, Americans were divided over the investigation, with Mueller both loved and hated depending on who you talked to.

Plenty of people were hoping that Mueller’s investigation would finally be enough to get rid of Trump, while others rallied behind the president, who frequently attacked the probe over Twitter as a “witch hunt.” For those who supported Mueller, the business world saw an opportunity, creating merchandise such as prayer candles, mugs, and even earrings.

With the report finally being released on Friday last week, many Mueller supporters now have a stash of merchandise with no particular purpose. According to Market Watch, despite the fact that the outcome of the report has concluded there wasn’t enough evidence of collusion, many fans are planning on hanging onto their merchandise as keepsakes.

The merchandise was available across a number of different websites, including Etsy, Redbubble, and CafePress, with a wide array of products for a diverse culture of Mueller fans to choose from to suit their needs.

After the conclusion of the report and the apparent result that Trump is not to face any charges, market analysts believe that, aside from those Mueller supporters who aren’t ready to let go of their merchandise yet, the Mueller merchandise can possibly find a new and unexpected home.

Paul Palmer, a senior lecturer in marketing at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, believes they could become “validation” for Trump’s followers.

“It’s going to be that coffee mug that sits on your desk that says, ‘Mueller report — it was all garbage, it was all hype, I told you so. ‘My team won; your team lost.'”

Palmer further explained that the buzz surrounding the investigation was down to an entertainment factor. It was this same factor that led to both the creation and the sale of Mueller merchandise during the two-year probe.

Although the investigation is now over, and the result was not what many of Mueller’s supporters had hoped for, many of those who purchased merchandise want to hang onto it for a little while longer.

For some, the need to keep their merchandise is linked to the fact that the full report hasn’t been made public, which means people haven’t been able to see for themselves what the conclusion is. Others have claimed it’s a reminder of a job well done by Mueller, despite the conclusion.

Unfortunately, if a previous report by The Inquisitr is to be believed, the president will heavily redact the entire report before the public sees a single page, meaning that no one will ever actually read the full report.