March 28, 2019
'My 600-LB Life' Kelly Weight-Loss Update: Find Out If The Nearly-Immobile Woman Turned Her Life Around

Editor's note: TLC announced during the airing of Kelly Mason's episode that she died of a heart attack. More information including details about Kelly's death can be found in an update from The Inquisitr.

Kelly came to My 600-LB Life in dire need of a transformation to her life.

By the time she appeared on the TLC docu-series, Kelly had gained so much weight that she could barely walk or even move out of bed. As TV Guide noted, she had a painful journey just to get to Houston to meet Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and start treating for her new weight-loss regimen, even falling out of a cab on the way to treatment.

For fans of the show, there is high hope that Kelly might experience some of the life-changing weight loss that other people featured this season have already seen. Many of the people who appeared on My 600-LB Life this year have taken greater steps than those in past seasons, with many of them actually relocating to Houston to work directly with Dr. Now.

This has led to some of the biggest weight-loss the series has ever seen. Many who chose to live in Houston have shared updates on social media, showing happier and healthier lives. Even those who return closer to home have had greater success, including Aaron Washer, who was featured in the previous episode of My 600-LB Life. As The Inquisitr noted in last week's update, Aaron was able to lose more than 300 pounds by adhering to his strict diet and exercise regiment laid out by Dr. Now.

But what happened to Kelly after she appeared on My 600-LB Life remained something of a mystery leading into Wednesday's episode. While TLC often leaks details of what progress subjects on the show have made, there was scant information about Kelly before the episode aired.

The network has occasionally withheld details about people featured on My 600-LB Life, though it's not always clear what that means for their weight loss journey. Some of these people have seen significant or even moderate progress, but fans will likely remember the case of Robert Buchel, who was featured last season. The network gave away very little information about him before the episode aired, and for a very tragic reason --- Buchel passed away during the filming of the show, the first time in its history that someone died before an episode aired.

Fans who want to keep an eye out for any weight-loss updates from Kelly can check out the official My 600-LB Life page, which is updated with information about people who have appeared on the show.