Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Oscar’s Loved Ones Grapple With What’s Seemingly Ahead

Craig SjodinABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that Thursday’s show will be an emotionally charged one. It’s time for Oscar Nero and his loved ones to start preparing for the worst and they will face some tough discussions during the March 28 episode.

As viewers saw last week, Oscar and his closest loved ones learned that his tumor has grown. He likely only has weeks left to live and fans watched a powerful and heartbreaking scene between Oscar and Kim as they leaned on one another after receiving the devastating news. The sneak peek shared at the end of Wednesday’s show indicates that Monica will step up to help as much as she can.

Monica has already spoken with Drew about Oscar’s illness in the past and General Hospital spoilers share that she will do so again during Thursday’s show. Monica will tell Kim and Drew that they now need to start preparing Oscar for the end and everybody will understandably look quite grave as they embark upon this discussion.

General Hospital spoilers share that Oscar will also break the bad news to Cameron about his prognosis. Not that long ago these two didn’t get along very well. Now, however, they’ve bonded and there is no doubt that Cam will take this news hard.

It may also be that Oscar wants to talk with Cam about watching over Joss once he’s gone. Viewers know that there are romantic sparks between Josslyn and Cameron, but her focus right now is on Oscar. Nero will surely want to know that Cam will be by Joss’ side as everybody grieves and he may even essentially give his permission for Cameron to take things beyond a friendship down the road.

According to Soap Central, Monica will be opening her home to a special guest this week. That would seem to suggest that she might ask Kim and Oscar to stay at the Quartermaine mansion for the time the teen has remaining. That would certainly give the family plenty of quality time together while having a substantial amount of help available as things get increasingly more difficult.

Is Oscar really going to die? Some fans wonder whether a last-minute miracle may come through that allows for Oscar to beat the odds. However, it’s looking more and more likely that the teen may perish and that may come during the May sweeps period.

If Oscar does pass, that’ll certainly set up a lot of storyline possibilities for Kim and Drew as well as Cameron and Josslyn. Oscar’s passing may also become the catalyst for Jax returning to Port Charles, as it is known that Ingo Rademacher is going to be back as Jasper Jacks quite soon.

Thursday’s show will also have more with Nina, Elizabeth, the kids and their associated loved ones as the fallout over Aiden’s exclusion at school continues. In addition, SheKnows Soaps hints that Anna will pop up and try to face some potentially devastating developments.

Everybody will see Jason talk with Carly, seemingly about the Shiloh drama, and Dante will voice his worries that he may have been brainwashed. General Hospital spoilers tease that it’ll be an intense episode and fans won’t want to miss a minute of what’s ahead.