Meghan Markle Reportedly Feeling ‘Nervous’ As Due Date Approaches, ‘Us Weekly’ Shares

Ben Stansall Getty Images

As the public anxiously awaits the arrival of the royal baby, Meghan Markle can’t help but feel a little anxious.

Us Magazine shares that as final countdown to the baby is underway, Markle is feeling just a bit nervous about things. Royal reporter Omid Scobie recently opened up about Markle’s feelings and how she is doing as she awaits the arrival of her little bundle of joy.

“Sources close to Meghan say that, like any new mom-to-be, she’s feeling somewhat nervous as the due date approaches, but Harry is there by her side,” Scobie shared.

“He’s decreased a lot of his work to be there for his wife.”

Queen Elizabeth’s former press spokesperson Dickie Arbiter also echoed Scobie’s statements, saying that Harry will be taking some time off work, like paternity leave, to help Meghan once the baby is here. Arbiter shares that paternity leave is something rather new in the royal family and it started with Prince William taking time off with the birth of each of his three children.

“But it’s a new thing. People do it, William did it and Harry is going to do it. [The length] depends on him. I would have thought no more than about two or three weeks,” Arbiter said.

Additionally, the insider reveals that Harry would like to raise his own child a little differently than he and his brother William were raised — out of the spotlight. Since Harry grew up in front of cameras with the entire world watching every single thing that he did, he knows that he doesn’t want the same thing to be the case for his little one.

And while Meghan and Harry have plans to move to Frogmore Cottage, The Inquisitr recently shared that their plans have been put on hold for a bit. Currently, it is unclear why the famous pair have decided to delay their plans but it could be because the building is centuries-old and there have been repairs going on for a while.

Since tying the knot, Markle and Prince Harry have been living in Kensington Palace with William, Kate Middleton, and their three kids but Meghan and Harry always had plans to move from Kensington while it is unclear exactly why. Some people think that it could be related to Meghan’s alleged feud that has been keeping her and Kate at a distance others think that Harry and Meghan simply want to live their own life and have a little bit of privacy from friends and family.

Either way, the royal baby watch is officially on.