Sommer Ray Shakes Some Serious Booty In Sexy Instagram Video

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Three days after treating her 20.4 million Instagram followers to a thong snap, Sommer Ray is back to doing what she does best.

On March 27, 2019, the fitness model and Instagram sensation posted a “happy dance” video that seems to do what it says on the tin. Smiling and sticking her tongue out, Sommer can be seen shaking her booty to background music. It’s more about the eyes than the ears in this post, though.

Wearing a floral-print sports bra with matching, sheer-panel shorts and a pink bow in her hair, Sommer’s outfit seems fitting given that her career spans both fitness and sex appeal. Just a few seconds in, the Colorado-born Instagram sensation can be seen shaking her behind. The caption makes sure to describe Sommer’s merch, as the post comes as promotion for her sportswear line.

The comments are less about the clothes. One fan seems particularly attached.

“Sommer when is our wedding [sic]”

The comment came with a joking ghost emoji.

Revealing outfits are hardly a rarity on Sommer’s Instagram. On March 17, The Inquisitr reported Sommer going topless in yet another shout-out to her fans. This time though, there’s an agenda. Celebrity merch has a way of selling faster when the Instagram promo is racy, and it’s safe to say that this one is.

Ray first started posting to Instagram back in 2015. With YouTube videos backing up her account, this fitness enthusiast quickly became an icon.

“I’m a country girl, not a fake one.”

As Forbes reports, this girl comes as a down-to-earth package. Chances are though, Sommer’s male fans aren’t too fussed where she was raised. Comments to Sommer’s thong photo received similar comments to her March 27 post.

“how many likes do i need to get in order for u to go to prom with me”

Racking up the likes isn’t a problem for this girl. While the thong snap currently sits at over 948,000 likes, the March 27 video had amassed over 800,000 likes within two hours of being posted.

As seems to be the pattern with Instagram models, cleavage outperforms everything else. Sommer’s February 24 bikini snap shows plenty. With over 1 million likes, it appears to have been well-received. Whether she’s in a towel, a swimsuit, or wearing her own fitness line, this model never fails to succeed on the social media front.

Dancing along to music on Instagram has become increasingly popular among celebrities. In 2019, Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo famously bopped along to Ariana Grande’s “Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored.” Suffice to say that Ray’s Instagram is anything but boring.