Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Didn’t Fire Lala Kent After Her SUR Restaurant Outburst

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Lisa Vanderpump was called out for not firing Lala Kent after her fight with Billie Lee and Raquel Leviss during last Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. On Twitter, fans were curious about her decision to let Kent get away with her behavior.

Following the episode, in which Kent slammed Lee’s appearance and disses Leviss as a “Bambi-eyed b***h,” Vanderpump was questioned by a fan who asked her why she allowed Kent to act the way she did at her restaurant.

“I didn’t see it until after filming,” Vanderpump explained via Twitter.

During this past week’s show, Vanderpump questioned Kent about the incident that went down at SUR Restaurant after learning about her spats from a number of her co-stars, including Scheana Marie, who revealed plenty of the dirty details during the opening party for TomTom.

While Kent denied acting aggressively while working at Vanderpump’s restaurant and seemed to be on good terms with her when the conversation concluded, Vanderpump’s new tweet seems to suggest that she didn’t quite understand what exactly went down between Kent and her co-stars until she saw the episode for herself.

As fans saw earlier this month, Tom Sandoval pointed out that if other members of the show had acted that way at SUR Restaurant, namely James Kennedy, they would have been immediately fired for their actions.

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Vanderpump fired Kennedy during an early episode of Vanderpump Rules after learning he had spoken negatively about Katie Maloney’s weight during the Pride Festival last year. Although Kennedy has since been spotted at the restaurant, he doesn’t appear to have been welcomed back full-time and was seen looking for work during the episodes that followed his firing.

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show last week, Kent addressed her comments to Leviss during their fight, during which Kent said she was “above” the model and her boyfriend, Kennedy.

“What that means is, you’re the one that lets me know if I’m better than you. I don’t make that judgment, you kind of give me that call. When you act a certain way, like Bille did, like Raquel did, I don’t think I’m better than you. I know that I’m better than you because your behavior is disgusting and I would never do that,” she explained.

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