Rob Kardashian Pleads With Fans To ‘Stop Creating Falsehoods’ About Custody Battle With Blac Chyna

Greg DohertyGetty Images

Rob Kardashian is setting the record straight on his relationship with Blac Chyna (aka Angela Renee White). On Wednesday, the reality star took to Twitter to clear up any rumors that he and the mother of his daughter, Dream, are seeing each other again. On top of that, he confirmed where the custody battle over the 2-year-old little girl stands, according to E! News.

Rob’s message for fans came in the form of a screen capture of a note on his phone posted to the social media site.

“Angela the mother of my child whom I have a wonderful relationship with decided to drop the child support case because she felt it was in the best interest of our daughter,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wrote to his 7 million followers. “Reports of her wanting to have drinks is totally false and her being late was in reference to a prior meeting concerning out daughter. Please stop creating all these falsehoods concerning Angela and I.”

On Monday, it was reported that Chyna arrived several hours late to a meeting regarding the custody agreement. When the meeting concluded, the model allegedly suggested that she and Rob go out for margaritas. Rob declined the suggestion, TMZ reported.

The co-parents reached a final custody agreement earlier this week. Rob and Chyna will now take 50/50 custody of Dream, but Rob is reportedly likely to see his daughter more. Dream often spends time with the Kardashian family — especially Rob’s sister, Khloe — whom the father is very close with.

In addition, Rob will no longer be required to pay $20,000 a month in child support. He had been doing so for several months, before requesting a reduction. According to the agreement, each parent will pay for Dream’s needs as they occur under their custodial time, while expenses like school and medical care will be split evenly.

Rob and Chyna have a rocky history filled with abuse accusations, lawsuits, and public shaming. However, they appear to be putting their differences aside for Dream’s sake.

Back in February, both parents tweeted their support for one another in an attempt to show that they are serious about co-parenting.

“Angela and I are both actively co-parenting and there are no pending or active custody cases,” the father of one wrote, according to Page Six.

Chyna replied by saying that they only want what is best for Dream.

“Robert and I only concern is what’s in the best interest of our daughter that we both equally love,” the model added. “Additionally, Robert is a wonderful father to our Dreamy!”