Kaci Campbell Opens Up About ‘Temptation Island’ Shocker, Says She’s Fully Over Ex Evan Smith

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The finale of the rebooted Temptation Island has now aired, and viewers were left speechless by what went down between Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell. The two had dated for years before doing the show, and a major obstacle they faced was Kaci’s desire to get married and Evan’s hesitation. When viewers got an update on where their relationship was now, they were stunned by the outcome.

As Kaci and Evan revealed, their relationship did not continue past Temptation Island. Not only that, but Smith proposed to the gal he hooked up with during filming, Morgan Lolar. During the update, Kaci got emotional talking about getting a new look and moving forward. Through tears, Campbell explained that she’s glad Smith is gone, even though it was heartbreaking to experience.

Kaci talked with Us Weekly about Evan’s proposal to Morgan. Campbell said that she did get a heads-up from crew members before finding out about the engagement, and she’s definitely grateful for that. The Temptation Island star details that she formed lasting relationships with many of the people from the crew and they knew the engagement photos would get leaked.

While Kaci was emotional in the updates shared during Tuesday’s Temptation Island finale, she says that she actually is fine with Evan and Morgan’s status now.

“To be honest, it was funny because I already knew I was over it, but when I found out that he proposed to Morgan and I was totally OK with it, I was like, ‘OK, yeah. I’m definitely over this guy. I feel nothing.'”

Campbell says she thinks it was a sign that Smith got engaged to Lolar just a few months after meeting her and that she wasn’t all that bothered by it. Kaci says she wishes the couple the best and notes that she thinks Morgan realizes that Evan is pretty messed up deep down inside.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Evan’s family went through some very difficult times a few years back. Kaci had been by his side through everything that happened, and those experiences clearly played a role in the dynamics of their relationship. Campbell says that she hopes Smith and Lolar make it, but it doesn’t sound as if she’s holding her breath.

“I really do hope and pray for her sake it works out, because truly nobody deserves to ever be treated the way that I was treated by that man. I just hope that they really do get married and they really do have a happily ever after. But is that likely? I would bet a lot of money that they’re probably not gonna live a happily ever after.”

Tuesday night, Kaci also shared a lengthy post on social media calling the experience the best thing that ever happened to her. Campbell said via Twitter that while things didn’t go as she expected, the outcome was what she needed.

Will Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar end up getting married and making this Temptation Island relationship go the distance? What does the future hold for Kaci Campbell now that she’s on her own?

Fans have had a lot to say about the pairs from this debut reboot season and can’t wait to see where things stand in another few months. As for the USA show, Temptation Island has been renewed for Season 2, and everybody will be anxious for a premiere date.