Regina Hall And Her Mother Were Hospitalized After Getting Too High

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

With more and more states across the U.S. legalizing marijuana, a few incidents of “pot poisoning” have cropped up across the country. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, there was a sharp uptick of pets poisoned after ingesting pot.

These incidents aren’t just limited to our furry pets and companions. Per reporting by The Inquisitr, marijuana-related trips to the emergency room across Colorado hospitals have tripled since the state legalized recreational pot back in 2014.

While the drug is largely considered to be relatively harmless — when compared to some of its more deadly and addictive siblings — it seems some users succumb to vomiting, paranoia, or heart palpitations after using too much, or after smoking marijuana that may be tainted with another drug or chemical substance.

The potential negative side effects of acute marijuana poisoning aren’t solely reserved for pets and regular citizens. As recently revealed on late-night TV, even celebrities can suffer from a bad trip every now and then.

As reported by Page Six, Regina Hall and her mother once ended up in the hospital after smoking a little too much pot. While appearing on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 48-year-old actress and comedienne revealed that she and her mom got insanely high after Regina stumbled upon a long-forgotten stash of marijuana, which had been used to treat her dog Zeus before he tragically passed away.

As Regina recounts, she didn’t want to waste perfectly good product.

“The good stuff, you don’t want to throw it away,” she recounted to Jimmy Kimmel and the in-studio audience.

Regina and her mother both smoked some of the stash, though as Regina notes, her mother took a lot more than she (Regina) would have recommended. Later that night, her mother began to feel a numbness in her mouth. Fearing that she was suffering from a stroke, the two headed off to the hospital in an ambulance.

After doctors performed a check-up and ran some tests, they came to the conclusion that the pair were perfectly fine. One of Hall’s friends — who was with them at the time — capped off the evening with an all-too-hilarious quip.

“I think you b**ches are high,” the friend joked.

Even though Regina Hall may enjoy partaking in some bud every now and then, that hasn’t slowed down her career at all. This year alone, she’s set to star in both Shaft and Little, the latter of which she also produced.