‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Shiloh Questions Sam, Jordan Pressures Jason, & Dante Opens Up To Mike

Chelsea LaurenGetty Images for Red Bull Media House

Life in Port Charles is getting increasingly complicated with Dawn of Day leader Shiloh in town. Sam has felt confident she could handle getting close to him in order to protect Kristina, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she might be underestimating him. Jason was hauled into the PCPD over a confrontation with the DOD head and Wednesday’s show will bring more on this front.

The Twitter sneak peek shows that Jordan will pressure Jason to cooperate as he sits in an interrogation room at the PCPD. Alexis had called Jordan and gave her a heads-up that Shiloh might be in danger, but she didn’t explain why. Now, Jason has assaulted the Dawn of Day guru and Jordan wants answers.

Of course, Jason has a long history of not being particularly cooperative with the PCPD. It seems quite unlikely that he’ll choose this incident as the one that changes his typical approach. Unfortunately, Jason may soon find that this incident puts him in the spotlight when something even more serious happens to Shiloh.

As Jordan pressures Jason, Shiloh will be questioning Sam. She has played up that she’s all-in with DOD and only maintains a connection to Jason for the sake of their son. However, she may have to do some serious scrambling to keep up this charade.

Shiloh will ask Sam how far she thinks Jason intended to go in his attack outside Kelly’s, and she has to tread carefully here. She doesn’t want Jason to face serious legal trouble, and Shiloh certainly is in a position to cause some should he desire. However, she also has to keep Shiloh hooked on believing she’s allied with him.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Willow will still feel quite panicked about Shiloh’s presence in Port Charles, and she’ll still be on the verge of bolting out of town. Chase will continue to plead with her to stay, and it sounds as if he might wonder whether she trusts him to protect her. Willow will get emotional as she tries to explain that it’s Shiloh she doesn’t trust.

As The Inquisitr shared previously, there is also action involving Elizabeth and Franco coming, and Liz will talk with Willow. General Hospital spoilers hint that Aiden may be facing more trouble and keeping Willow engaged in keeping him safe will be a priority for Liz and Franco.

While Jason is sitting at the PCPD and Willow is feeling desperate with Chase, General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will try to discuss this situation calmly with Kristina. Sadly, she’ll rebuff her father’s concerns and reaffirm her commitment to Shiloh and Dawn of Day. According to She Knows Soaps, Sonny will be left feeling discouraged by this conversation.

Wednesday’s show will also show some emotional scenes with Mike and Dante. Mike’s mental health is quickly deteriorating, but General Hospital spoilers share that Dante will be voicing his worries about what he went through during his time away from Port Charles. He’ll be feeling desperate over these hallucinations he’s having, and he doesn’t know how to reconcile being home with these dangerous thoughts.

Unfortunately, Mike probably won’t be able to help much, but Dante might just be looking for someone to talk to who won’t share the conversation with others. Lulu is noticing changes in her husband, and Dante has talked with Sonny some about how haunted he is, but so far, nobody knows exactly how desperate Dante is feeling.

Viewers have a lot to look forward to with this March 27 show, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the days ahead will be wild ones, too. Dante won’t be sticking around town for long, but it seems that fans have quite a few more powerful scenes from the actor to take in before he departs again.