Zoe Gregory Flaunts Her Figure Amid Rumors Alex Rodriguez Pursued Her Ahead Of Jennifer Lopez Engagement

Zoe GregoryInstagram

British model Zoe Gregory has garnered a fair amount of attention over the past few days due to claims she has made about Alex Rodriguez. Gregory says the former baseball professional was texting her before he proposed to Jennifer Lopez and Gregory is making some wild claims. As she embraces the headlines, Zoe is also sharing some sultry shots to her Instagram page.

As The Inquisitr shared, former Playmate model Gregory has claimed that Rodriguez was repeatedly texting her just weeks before he proposed to Jennifer Lopez. A-Rod reportedly sent intimate photos to Zoe and was soliciting the opportunity to get frisky with the model and a friend of hers in a threesome.

Gregory has provided what she claims are WhatsApp messages from Rodriguez where he was pursuing a rendezvous with her. As it happens, Zoe isn’t the first person who has claimed that A-Rod wasn’t fully monogamous in his pre-engagement relationship with Lopez. So far, Alex and Jennifer seem to be ignoring Zoe’s claims.

Based on her latest Instagram post, the British model doesn’t seem to be too worried about any responses A-Rod and J-Lo may ultimately share about her claims. The shot she shared on Tuesday shows her in sky-high red heels as she wears a red one-piece bathing suit that says “New York” on the front of it.

Gregory is standing with a hip cocked to the side as her hand tugs up the fabric of her bathing suit on one hip. Zoe has her other arm bent up with her hand behind her head and her long, blonde hair is cascading down one shoulder. The model and fitness personality has her head angled to the side as she gives the camera a pouty look and a couple of her tattoos are visible on her hips.

Zoe captioned the shot simply “State of mind” and noted it was a shot from a recent photo shoot. Another recent Instagram post showcased Gregory’s curvy derriere and a bit of sideboob as she teased a booty-focused workout.

In her latest Instagram Stories, Gregory shares some additional sultry shots. She noted that the paparazzi has been keeping a close eye on her and she made several references to all of the hoopla surrounding the claims she’s made. Gregory’s Insta Stories also included some rather revealing glimpses of the model’s phyqisue and teased her other private Instagram page under the name Robbin Banx, the moniker she uses for explicit adult video work.

Will Zoe Gregory’s claims have any impact on Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement? While there have been rumors of infidelity on his part in the past, it doesn’t look as if A-Rod and J-Lo are planning to let these headlines dampen their engagement happiness.