Nancy Pelosi Introduces Climate Action Now Act To Honor Paris Agreement

Amy SussmanGetty Images

After U.S. President Donald Trump took office in January 2017, one of his first moves was to get America out of the Paris Climate Accord. The deal, which was signed by every country in a bid to lessen the negative impact of the environment, was seen by some as a ploy to somehow disadvantage the United States economically.

But the move was blasted by many scientists and politicians across the world and in the U.S., with concerns that the country wouldn’t be doing its part to become more environmentally friendly. Now, in a bid to change that, House Democrats have introduced a new act, according to a live stream of the announcement posted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter account.

A number of politicians championing the bill Climate Action Now, also known as H.R. 9, spoke after Pelosi made the initial announcement, slamming the president for his actions in trying to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement in the first place.

Many of them spoke of having witnessed first hand the destructive results of climate change in the form of increased and more powerful storms ripping through their own communities.

The new act urges the U.S. to remain in the Paris Agreement and seeks to use a new, greener policy to create jobs in the energy industry.

Pelosi referred to climate change as the “existential crisis of our time,” while others pointed out the importance of leaving a livable world behind for the next generations to come. That message was all the more important as thousands of school students all over the world have begun walking out of school to protest climate change.

Frank Pallone, the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, blasted Trump for the negative impact on the American economy that pulling out of the Paris Agreement will have.

“The president doesn’t make any sense at all when he says he wants to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, because all the other countries now take up that mantle of leadership. It’s an economic issue. If we move towards renewable resources we can build the wind turbines and the solar panels, and boost our economy,” he said.

Many of the speakers also criticized Trump for “calling a fake emergency” in order to get his border wall, something the Democrats have made clear they feel is wholly unnecessary and wasteful when it comes to federal funding.

The climate change crisis is one that Pelosi has been focusing on since her previous term as House Speaker. At that time, it was under the guise of healthcare, but today she believes the two are firmly linked and that caring for the planet can only serve to improve the health of the population living on it.

The bill will now go to Congress to be passed, with the intent of sending a clear message not only to the rest of the world that the U.S. will continue to play its role as an innovator for clean energy but also to the president himself.