‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Jess Walton Reminisces About Jill

Lesley BohmCBS

The Young and the Restless star Jess Walton has portrayed Jill since 1987. Over the years, Jill and Katherine Chancellor, who was portrayed by the late Jeanne Cooper, shared a special relationship even though Jill essentially stole Katherine’s husband, Phillip Chancellor II. Jill is the only original character left in the Y&R storyline. Brenda Dixon originated Jill, and Deborah Adair also took over the role briefly in the early 1980s. Walton has been Jill for more than three decades now and is undoubtedly the face that viewers think of when they think of Jill.

Recently, Walton took to Twitter to ask fans what their favorite Jill storyline is. Fans immediately began reminiscing about their all-time favorite moments of Jill in Genoa City.

“Not really a storyline……any scene between Jill and Katherine. The two of you simply electrified the tv screen.”

Longtime viewers repeated that sentiment throughout the numerous comments Walton’s post received. Fans absolutely adored the relationship that grew out of Katherine and Jill’s original status as enemies. They soon become frenemies, and ultimately, before all was said and done, they were the best of friends.

One fan replied, “I remember when you (Jill) and Tricia Cast (Nina) would go at it! Phillips car accident! Fighting for custody of little Phillip! Oh, I miss those years!”

Many people also appreciated the many men of Jill. However, one, in particular, stands out for some viewers – Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Given that The Inquisitr reported that Jack’s current love interest, Kerry (Alice Hunter), is exiting the show, perhaps these two could reunite. Of course, the fact that Jill was Jack’s stepmother and is the mother of Jack’s brother Billy (Jason Thompson) is a problem for some fans.

“Most of them!!!! Time for Jack and Jill to reunite. #YR,” replied one follower.

Another chose a scene from more recent history when an unsuspecting Lauran (Tracey Bregman) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) walked in on Jill and Colin (Tristan Rogers).

“I think Jill and Colin are so hilarious, like when Michael and Lauren walked in on you two ‘not decent.’ Hysterical! #YR.”

In a recent visit, Jill revealed that she and Colin are on a break, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their relationship is finished.

Jill’s comedic scenes also seem to be fans’ favorites, too. For many loyal viewers, though, the best is yet to come for Jill. They hope to see the character back on screen in the storylines as soon as possible especially since Josh Griffin recently took over as head writer. Perhaps this tweet is a signal that Walton will soon bring Jill back to the canvas.