Bella Hadid Shows Off Silly Side In New ‘Vogue’ Video

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Bella Hadid has another star to put on her résumé. She is Vogue’s chosen model to cover the best looks of Paris Fashion Week for its visual digital edition. However, despite the hard work in modeling over eight looks in various locations spanning from rooftops to empty ballrooms, the model still managed to have some fun.

Vogue’s video feature cheekily opens with Bella making silly faces while getting prepped with makeup. While wearing a sheet mask, she quips that she “looks like an avatar.”

Hadid then models her first look – a long terracotta red dress by Givenchy with a matching feather hat. She models the look by posing on a table to “Think High” by Prince Charlez.

The look was chosen to be the cover of Vogue’s digital edition. Hadid posted a picture of the cover on her Instagram, gushing that “this means so much to me, and to do it with you means so much more!!! Thank you to Anna, and everyone involved on this huge production.”

Another scene has Hadid and the crew en route to their next location. Hadid is wearing a backward puffer jacket over a long bathrobe in a bid to stay warm on the way to the shoot.

“Whoever wants to ever book Jorden for a styling, show him this,” Bella jokes, referencing stylist Jorden Bickham.

But Bickham’s intended outfit is later revealed as a polo knit romper and long embroidered skirt by Christian Dior. Hadid modeled the ensemble by playing badminton on a Parisian rooftop. She seemed to enjoy the exercise, at one point cheering “Winner!”

In another clip, Bella is lounging on a chaise in a futuristic white outfit by Valentino. Mid-modeling, she is given a cup of vanilla ice cream to her absolute delight.

“Literally, there’s nothing better than ice cream and Valentino.”

In full, the video is about three minutes in length.

In a behind-the-scenes picture posted on Instagram, Hadid is being balanced by a man in a full bodysuit, whom she referenced in her caption.

“and the man in the green suit — shout out to him, too!”

Hadid’s boyfriend, Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd, took the chance to joke that he was the man in green, commenting “me in the fourth pic.”

Bella Hadid is signed to IMG Models and was voted “Model of the Year” by in 2016. She currently has contracts with Dior Beauty, Bulgari, and Tag Heuer. Her sister, Gigi, is another one of the world’s top models.

Bella is also a popular fixture on Instagram, with over 23.5 million followers.