Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Tuesday: Shiloh Pushes Jason’s Buttons

Craig SjodinABC Press

Tuesday’s General Hospital was full of rage, a horrifying discovery, and an arrest that is sure to cause a problem for both Sam and Sonny. Jason was arrested, much to the delight of Shiloh Archer. He is a sly one. He knows exactly what he is doing to get whatever he wants. This is sure to put a kink into Sam’s plan to bring him down, not to mention how irritated Sonny will be.

Thanks to Alexis Davis, Jordan was alerted that someone may be after the Dawn of Day leader. She got a phone call from Alexis after she and Sonny were at odds over the mobster’s plan to do whatever it takes to get Kristina out of the cult. Alexis was thinking murder but surprisingly, that wasn’t what Sonny was planning, at least for now. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates that on Wednesday, Margaux will be giddy and Sonny will be discouraged. They could both possibly be reacting to Jason being arrested.

On Tuesday, Shiloh pushed Jason’s buttons to the point that made the hitman attack. He let him go after Sam arrived. However, an employee at Kelly’s called the cops and Chase was on the case. The detective now knows exactly what Shiloh is capable of and viewers could tell that he was definitely on Jason’s side this time. Jordan arrived at the PCPD after the men were brought in for questioning and Chase told her that both of them should be released. However, she ordered him to arrest Jason.

Now Sam is left without protection from Shiloh and she will also have to choose a side. So far, she has gone along with Shiloh as she tries to get deep on the inside of DoD.

Meanwhile, Olivia threw a surprise party for Dante. He was on edge the whole time as his mind kept wandering back to his nightmare of shooting his wife. Lulu is starting to sense that something is definitely off with her husband. After everyone left, his rage got the best of him as he overturned the party table. Lulu later found Dante fast asleep, and that’s when she made the terrifying discovery of whip marks on Dante’s back.

Peter ran into Anna as she was crying over Griffin’s goodbye letter. He asked if she was okay. She started to say that Griffin was like a son to her, but Peter cut her off. They bantered back and forth, with Peter accusing Anna of wanting a relationship out of obligation. She reinforced that she did the right thing in giving him up years ago, and he doesn’t quite understand how she, Anna Devane, could do that.

This conversation may just be a lead up to the General Hospital rumors that Alex, not Anna, is Peter’s mother. Knowing who Anna is, Peter just can’t accept her reasoning, and that could be that his birth and adoption is not her memory at all.

Before Chase was called off to Kelly’s, he and Finn had a nice brotherly chat at Charlie’s about the women in their lives. Anna later showed up to meet with Finn after Peter offered her a ride. This may also be a hint that Peter and Anna will somehow form a better relationship, but then the truth will eventually be revealed.

Coming up on Wednesday’s General Hospital, Willow distrusts Shiloh, Shiloh wants Sam to choose, and Dante’s torment continues.