Chanel West Coast Shows Off Her Sexy & Wild Side In Leather Bra & Skirt On Instagram

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Chanel West Coast shared a new Instagram photo of herself that showed off her sexy and wild side. While her outfits are usually very glitzy and glam, she wore her version of a cowgirl’s outfit. It included a black bra with stars-and-circle studs, which she wore under a leather vest with long tassels that fell below her leather miniskirt. Chanel accessorized with a multi-chain silver belt, along with oversized drop earrings. The rapper wore her hair in a heavy left part with black roots and blond, very pronounced curls. She also added a pop of red color with lipstick and nails. The photo was only posted two hours ago, but so far has garnered over 28,000 likes.

It’s been a busy week for West Coast, as she performed at SXSW and at the Preview Models Fashion Show. Chanel performed alongside Don Benjamin and Kid Ink. For the show, Chanel rocked a black-and-white outfit while the men popped in bright, neon-colored sweaters and jackets.

And while fans of her music have had chances to catch performances recently, she’s also known for her appearances on Ridiculousness. West Coast often posts photos of her outfit or the cast on her Instagram to promote new episodes. This includes a notable update from March 13, when she posed alongside Kobe Bryant for a special hour-long episode. She showed her support for the Lakers by wearing a bedazzled purple Lakers crop top, while Kobe kept things casual with a black Nike hoodie and dark denim jeans.

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Fans might also know that in addition to Ridiculousness, she previously starred in Celebrity Fear Factor. Chanel recounted her experience to TV Insider.

“My first thought when people say Fear Factor is eating bugs. But when they told me it would be the episode with other hip-hop artists I thought, ‘This is going to be tight. I’m down for this.’ That made me want to do it even more.”

And it’s true that Fear Factor is known for making contestants eat a range of bugs and unsightly food. BuzzFeed noted that in the past, contestants have eaten a leech and duck embryos, as well as drank donkey sperm and urine.

“I made sure to put my hair in cornrows and braid it back just in case there wouldn’t be anything stuck in there. I made sure had the hair pulled back. I thought, ‘I’m not going to have something bad happen to my hair today because I love my hair.'”