Johnny Depp Claims Ex Amber Heard Shattered The Bones In His Finger By Throwing A Vodka Bottle At Him

Alison BuckGetty Images

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were married for only a brief time before splitting in 2016 and officially finalizing their high-profile divorce in 2017. Despite the fact that they’ve been divorced for two years now, the pair are still going at it every chance they get. Heard penned an article for the Washington Post in December of 2018 claiming that her ex-husband was abusive towards her. Now Depp is suing her for defamation. In shocking new claims, he says she was actually the abusive one in the relationship, according to Hollywood Life.

In the lawsuit documents, Depp claims that in a particularly bad fight, Heard caused him to almost lose his finger. In a fit of rage, she allegedly threw a vodka bottle at the actor which hit him in the hand. The bones in his middle finger were shattered by the glass and he had to undergo surgery to reattach it.

“In one particularly gruesome episode that occurred only one month into their marriage. Ms. Heard shattered the bones in the top of Mr. Depp’s right middle finger, almost completely cutting it off. Ms. Heard threw a glass vodka bottle at Mr. Depp – one of many projectiles that she launched at him in this and other instances. The bottle shattered as it came into contact with Mr. Depp’s hand, and the broken glass and impact severed and shattered Mr. Depp’s finger. Mr. Depp’s finger had to be surgically reattached.”

Heard has previously claimed that her Pirates of the Caribbean star ex-husband repeatedly threw objects at her and was in other ways physically abusive. However, Depp’s legal defense team now says that the actress lied about such altercations by portraying herself as the victim when she was actually the perpetrator. They went on to suggest that the alleged misinterpretations of the marriage Heard has publicly expressed were an attempt to gain publicity and further advance her career. While the public is in general more likely to take the side of the wife in domestic cases such as these, Depp insists he was in fact the victim of Heard’s wrath in this scenario.

The war of words between the two doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon. Depp is asking for $50,000,000 from Heard as a result to the damage made to his career by her accusations against him. Meanwhile, the actress refuses to be silenced and hasn’t taken back any of her earlier statements.