WWE’s Alexa Bliss Teases Decolletage In Spiked & Sexy Deep V-Neck, Shoots Moody Look At Fans

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WWE performer Alexa Bliss is perhaps one of the most talented — and controversial — women on the roster. Combining a spirit of ferocity and high dramatics into her memorable personality and in-ring performance, Alexa continues to impress the WWE universe, as well as her wider fan base. Currently boasting 3.6 million followers on Instagram, “Little Miss Bliss” has captured the imagination of a generation of wrestling fans, with no end in sight.

In her most recent Instagram share, Alexa flaunted her world-famous figure in a shot captured from the walkway to the ring. Backgrounded by a number of fans, the blonde bombshell shoots a coy yet moody look beyond the camera lens, looking upward. Her eyes are deeply shadowed, luxurious lashes and perfectly arched brows framing them. Her lip is slightly curled into the barest hint of a smile, and her pout is painted in a nude shade.

In a deep v-neck shirt that is absolutely littered with metal spikes, Alexa flaunts her flawless decolletage. Her fair complexion is further emphasized by the contrast of colors — the pitch black of her shirt standing in contrast to her platinum blonde locks. Her shocked and dyed tresses were styled in her typical punk-rock fashion, dramatically flipped and straightened to frame her face and her slight silhouette.

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Leaving a very brief caption comprised entirely of alternating black heart emojis and skull emojis, Alexa let her body — and her overall look — do the talking. Her fans didn’t seem to mind the brevity too much, lavishing nearly 150,000 likes and over 1,600 comments in response to the share in short order.

“I cant wait for you to be the host of Wrestlemania! Its gonna be Goddessmania!” one fan gushed.

“Looking so badass, Lex! That outfit rules,” a second Instagram fan added.

Alexa Bliss — real name Lexi Kaufman — is making headlines most recently for the fact that she has been tapped to serve as the host of the world’s largest professional wrestling event, WrestleMania. Per Forbes, there is also speculation that Alexa may be moving beyond the microphone to serve up some scintillating in-ring action — as only she can — at the pay-per-view.

Forbes writer Brian Mazique also brought up rumors which have been circulating amongst wrestling forums — rumors which suggest that Alexa Bliss may, in fact, be injured.

“Unfortunately, we don’t know how active Alexa will be moving forward as there are rumors that she has been hurt. She has denied those reports, but there has to be a reason she’s not performing in the ring on a regular basis.”

Although Alexa has publicly denied these rumors via Instagram, doubt persists. Her fans and followers wish her the very best and simply cannot wait to see her in action at WrestleMania 35.