Jenna Jameson Dons Black Bikini To Flaunt 80-Pound Weight Loss, Opens Up About Sobriety

Rob KimGetty Images

Jenna Jameson has been through quite the personal journey over the past few years. She has pushed through plenty of difficult times and overcome many challenges during the course of her life, and at this point, she seems to be living her best life. In a new Instagram post, she shows another view at her impressive weight loss and opens up about what it’s taken to accomplish her goals.

The latest Instagram post from Jameson showcases the 80-pound weight loss Jenna has achieved over the past couple of years and it’s a new view at the amazing transformation she’s had. In this particular shot, Jenna put an old photo showing her in a black bikini while she was at her heavier weight alongside a more recent photo featuring her in a different black bikini.

Jameson put up the comparison in honor of “Transformation Tuesday” and in this particular Instagram post, she opened up extensively about how getting sober played a major role in her transformation. Those who follow Jenna know that she credits the keto diet for much of the weight she has shed, but she says that becoming sober has been essential in this journey too.

The heavier photo of Jenna is from before she had her daughter Batel and before she became sober. Jameson notes that it’s easy to see the effects that alcohol has on one’s body in that older photo and she acknowledges that sobriety brings a lot of uncertainty.

While working to become sober can prompt raw feelings and fear, Jenna notes it also helps one become capable and clear. In responding to questions from followers, Jameson noted that it took her a year after becoming sober to see everything balance out. She also noted that her motivation for getting sober was that she wanted to be the best version of herself she could be. Jenna says that she’s been lucky with this weight loss in that genetics have helped and she hasn’t needed any surgery to deal with loose skin or anything of that nature.

Another Instagram post from earlier this week shows Jenna wearing a white sports bra and booty shorts pulled down in the back slightly to show off the curves of her derriere. She’s got her long blonde tresses up in a high ponytail and appears to be in her daughter’s room. Jamneson noted that she’s been sick and shared with her followers that she’s still breastfeeding Batel. The shot once again shows her impressive transformation and she clearly has a lot to be proud of in this regard.

Jenna Jameson’s social media followers love her regular updates and her brutal honesty in acknowledging the journey she’s been on these past couple of years. Her 80-pound weight loss has been quite impressive and it seems she’s now shifting her focus in great part to help those who want to follow her lead.