‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Tayshia Stands By Her Warning To Colton About Cassie

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

The Bachelor contestant Tayshia Adams was an early frontrunner in the race for Colton Underwood’s heart this past season of the show, but in the end, he chose Cassie Randolph, who he is still in a happy relationship with. And although Tayshia initially warned Colton about Cassie during the filming of the show, Tayshia has no regrets for doing so, according to Elite Daily.

“I do still stand by what I said. I mean, ultimately, Cassie wasn’t ready for an engagement at the end, and that’s what I said. I didn’t make up anything. She did what was right for her and they’re doing well now, so I hope that they get engaged [in the future].”

Tayshia is referring to the comments she made during a one-on-one date with Colton in Denver when he asked her about the other women on the show and if there were any that weren’t there for the right reasons. She responded by claiming that Cassie and Caelynn weren’t ready for marriage and were using the show to gain fame.

While Colton and Cassie appear to be content with their relationship, it wasn’t a smooth ride — Cassie previously told Colton that she wasn’t ready for marriage and wasn’t sure if she felt the same way about him as he felt about her. The infamous scene led to Colton’s fence jump and even pushed him to consider quitting the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tayshia said she believes her comments were overblown by the media but were true at the time.

“I feel that at that time, it was a big deal to us. That’s why it was brought up. It was a little bit blown up with the media afterward.”

Tayshia spoke about her breakup with Colton in the same interview. Although she said it was a rough go, she also added that she knew something wasn’t right during their date on the Fantasy Suite episode. But even though things didn’t work out, Tayshia is happy with how everything worked out in the end

“I’m happy with how it went down. He obviously got his girl in the end.”

In an Instagram post after the show, Tayshia said that she knows she deserves to be happy and has a lot to offer potential mates. She also said that Tayshia 2.0 is coming, so she will most likely be making another appearance in the public eye in the near future.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 13, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on ABC.