Paris Jackson Is ‘On The Mend’ & ‘Doing Much Better’ Ahead Of 21st Birthday, Per ‘E! News’

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Paris Jackson is ready to turn over a new leaf on her 21st birthday. Last week, the daughter of Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital after an incident that required medical care. Reports swirled that the model had attempted suicide after the fallout from the sexual abuse allegations made against her father, but she adamantly denied the rumors on social media. Paris returned home that same day. Now, one week later, sources close to Paris say the incident is behind her, and she is “doing much better.”

“She is really on the mend and is listening to people who are giving her solid direction,” a source explained to E! News on Monday. “She’s been much more positive lately, so it’s great to know she is doing a lot better.”

The source added that music is really helping the 20-year-old budding musician maintain her positive outlook, noting that Paris has been “throwing herself into” work with her band, The Soundflowers.

“She is very musically motivated and it’s been therapeutic for her,” the source continued.

Paris’ boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, whom she has been dating for several months, plays in the band as well. Another source explained that he has been incredibly “supportive and understanding” of Paris during her tumultuous past month.

“He’s been there for her and they have grown closer through this,” they said. “He’s been a constant in her life and she really needs him right now.”

Paris will turn 21 on April 3, and her loved ones are hoping that her birthday will be a new beginning for the model.

On March 16, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call from Paris’ home, and she was transported to the hospital. A source later confirmed that she had an accident that morning requiring medical attention, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Paris was later spotted outside her home wearing a jacket which read “I’m Fine.” She slammed reports of her attempted suicide on social media, responding with the word “lies” on Twitter.

Many reports noted that her “suicide attempt” was linked to the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, in which two men detail a history of sexual abuse from Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop. The three-part documentary sees Wade Robson and James Safechuck in their 30s as they recall time spent allegedly being groomed and molested by Jackson when they were children.

Paris did check herself into a treatment facility in January, stating that she needs time to “reboot” and focus on her emotional health. She took a break from social media, and upon her return, she denied reports that she had a “meltdown,” Pop Culture reported.

“I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in a long time,” the musician tweeted.