‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Sam Faces A Decision And Alexis Questions Sonny

Craig SjodinABC

Things have been heating up with Shiloh and his Dawn of Day organization, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tuesday’s show will feature more on this front. Jason and Shiloh are facing off and Sam will have to pick a side. Across town, Sonny isn’t planning to sit around and wait for any slow-moving plans to save Kristina. Will Alexis get on board with his approach?

While Alexis was perhaps a little slow to form an opinion about Kristina’s involvement with Shiloh and Dawn of Day, she’s now fully concerned about her daughter’s welfare. Sonny is concerned too, but as fans know, he and his ex don’t always see eye-to-eye on how to resolve issues.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny and Alexis will discuss Kristina and DOD and compare ideas about what to do next. In talking to Michael, Sonny said essentially that he would do whatever it took to ensure Kristina got away from Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Alexis, however, may want to try to a more cautious approach.

It seems Alexis may consider connecting with Jordan and trying to follow a legal path to dismantling Dawn of Day. Unfortunately, that’s not likely going to be a viable option.

She Knows Soaps shares that Sam will be forced to choose a side and this is surely connected to the physical altercation between Shiloh and Jason. As the Twitter sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode shows, this Jason and Shiloh confrontation outside of Kelly’s will carry over into this March 26 show and Sam will seemingly come outside and see them.

Sam has been pulling out all the stops to make Shiloh believe she’s all-in with DOD. Now, with Jason physically engaging with Shiloh, Sam will probably have to keep up with her story that she doesn’t want any more involvement with her “ex” than is necessary.

As The Inquisitr has noted, Tuesday’s episode will also have more with Dante, and he’ll be rattled to learn that Maxie is getting quite close to Peter. In addition to that, Anna will try to connect with Peter and things will not go well.

Fans are speculating that Shiloh may soon perish, and it looks like there will be a long list of suspects if the character is killed off. Chase will surely have to worry that Willow may have been involved, which could present significant obstacles in their growing romance.

At the same time, Jason, Sonny, and others close to Kristina and Sam will surely face questions, too. Not only that, but there’s always the possibility that Daisy, Harmony, or someone else within the Dawn of Day group could take a big step like this, too, if they are feeling discarded and dismissed by their charismatic leader.

What comes next for Kristina, Willow, Shiloh, and others who are connected to Dawn of Day? General Hospital spoilers tease that this storyline will get intense as it moves forward, and viewers are buzzing about what they think will happen next.