‘Vanderpump Rules’ Sneak Peek: Ariana Madix Calls Out Lala Kent For ‘Low Blows’


Ariana Madix isn’t happy with the way Lala Kent has been treating people on Vanderpump Rules.

In a sneak peek, as posted by Bravo, at next week’s episode of the show, Madix and Kent are seen sitting down with one another in Mexico to discuss a number of issues that recently took place at Billie Lee’s SUR Restaurant brunch, including a dispute between Kent and Lee and another between Kent and Raquel Leviss, the girlfriend of James Kennedy.

“You have an issue with the way I’m speaking to people,” Kent suspects.

“Sometimes the things you are saying are like, low blows,” Madix explains.

While Kent did say some not-so-nice things to her co-stars, Lee and Leviss, during Lee’s brunch weeks ago on the show, she was triggered after learning Leviss had been speaking about her father’s death, which occurred just weeks before filming began on Season 7.

After being confronted about her behavior, Kent abruptly told Madix, “I’m not sorry.”

When it comes to her behavior on the show, Kent has no regrets and doesn’t appear to have any interest in making amends with Lee or Leviss.

Kent also doesn’t have any interest in making amends with Kennedy, especially after his ill comments towards her fiancé, Randall Emmett.

While Madix, like Kent, has lost her father, she has made it clear on a number of occasions that she doesn’t believe Kent should expect people to tip-toe around her.

Following Kent’s fight with Leviss, the model took to her Instagram page and defended her comments about Kent and her behavior. She also insisted that she never said anything “ill-mannered” about Kent’s father, Kent Burningham, who passed away in Utah last spring.

“Do I think Lala hasn’t been in her right mind and has been treating people extremely disrespectfully lately? Yes. Do I think the passing of her father should excuse her actions? Absolutely not,” she wrote. “There is no excuse for purposefully making someone feel inferior to someone else and having no remorse for it. Especially when justifying your actions to someone else but not to the person you’re affecting. Don’t ever put words in my mouth. Let’s set the record straight.”

Leviss then applauded her boyfriend, Kennedy, for keeping his cool throughout her heated dispute with Kent at SUR Restaurant.

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