Meghan McCain Clapback Goes Viral, Twitter Is Here For ‘You Were At My Wedding Denise’

Jason MerrittGetty Images for GLAAD

The View co-host Meghan McCain tends to be on the receiving end of a lot of heat across social media in response to various things she does or says either online or on the show. A recent tweet of hers has gone viral, becoming a meme and big catchphrase. Luckily for McCain, this time Meghan is responsible for dishing out the heat.

Monday evening, conservative personality Denise McAllister shared a post on Twitter that seemed to take a dig at McCain along with The View as a whole. McAllister included a link to an article about Meghan and referenced the daytime talk show in a derogatory manner.

Little more than an hour later, Meghan replied back to Denise via Twitter, and the response has taken on a life of its own. McCain simply noted that McAllister had been at her wedding, and it didn’t take further explanation for The View host’s meaning to be made clear.

McAllister quickly backpedaled, adding a tweet saying that her original post was never meant to be a personal attack on McCain. Rather, Denise said, it was directed toward the show and those around her. Granted, the link McAllister had been promoting was specifically about McCain and it wasn’t difficult to see why Meghan would have been offended by the post.

It’s not all that difficult to make the connection between Meghan, Denise, and McCain’s wedding. The View host is married to conservative commentator Ben Domenech, who founded The Federalist. McAllister writes for several online outlets and notes in her Twitter profile that she is a senior contributor to The Federalist.

McCain’s tweet took off immediately and the phrase “You were at my wedding Denise” is clearly becoming the next big thing. Numerous Twitter profiles have changed their user name to be a variation of this phrase, and the memes and general posts utilizing it are plentiful.

So far, it doesn’t appear that Meghan had acknowledged how her clapback at her former wedding guest has become the next big thing on social media. This one is quickly joining frequently used phrases such as “Becky with the good hair,” and “Sir, this is an Arby’s,” and it doesn’t look like it will die down anytime soon.

As some on Twitter noted, this has already been a rather intense week for anybody who follows politics and newsworthy headlines. By the looks of things, Meghan McCain’s retort to Denise McAllister is giving many across Twitter a lighthearted laugh during a time of need.

The View host certainly didn’t intend for her reply to McAllister to be funny. Despite that, McCain’s post has seemingly taken on a life of its own and can’t be reined back in now.